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iFIT for Beginners: Heart-Pumping Programs for Starters

iFit is a fitness app catering to beginners with interactive and varied training experiences. Beginners can start with easy workouts, track progress, and gradually increase intensity for optimal results.

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10 min readAugust 3rd, 2023


iFIT has over 100 certified and experienced coaches, so it’s perfect for beginners, and you can train at home, at the gym, or on the go.

iFIT gives you access to over 16,000 live and pre–recorded classes, workout series, global locations, cooking demos, mindset content, and much more.

If you’re an exercise beginner and want to broaden your fitness horizons, keep reading to learn how to use the iFIT app to get fit and have fun doing it.

Beginning Your Fitness Journey

If you’re just starting your fitness journey, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the countless app options and endless influencers, workouts, and products available. Everyone has an opinion and, often–something to sell you.

So here’s the TL;DR breakdown of exercise requirement basics.

Hint: It’s much simpler than you may think!

  • You need cardio exercise and strength training to be healthy, fight pain, delay aging, and combat chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and stroke.
  • According to the US Department of Health & Human Services, you need a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise and at least 2 strength training workouts per week.
  • There are thousands of ways to meet these minimums. First and most importantly, find the movement that you love. Then, it’s much easier to get started and keep going.

While starting an exercise routine may be easier than you've been led to believe, it's natural to want some guidance and structure initially.

iFIT: Our Take
$15 per month


Best for variety and flexible workouts

  • Instructor-led studio classes
  • Instructor-led audio workouts
  • 140+ workout series

iFIT offers a premiere fitness experience with loads of choices and bonus features for $15 monthly.

The iFIT experience is designed to be paired with compatible exercise machines, but you can still get great value without one. Like Peloton, iFIT’s claim to fame is its high-energy cardio classes. You can choose an individual class or participate in one of their exercise series, such as Train Like a Pro taught by world-famous American soccer star Alex Morgan.

When starting an exercise routine, you need quality exercise instruction and simplicity, but you also need exercise to be fun.

Where iFIT towers above the competition is just how much flexibility, variety, and novelty their classes offer as well as the extra bonus features.

iFIT App Features

iFIT offers stellar cardio workouts like running, cycling, rowing, elliptical, and HIIT, as well as strength and yoga. But where else can you get a circuit training session live on top of a mountain? Or build a virtual run through your own neighborhood via Google Maps on a rainy day?

Check out all of the unique iFIT app features.

Live Class Options

You can enable auto-machine adjustment so your coach has control, or enter the waiting room before a live class where you can send the instructor questions, and they answer them live. Live classes usually have multiple times throughout the day, so you don’t miss a session with your favorite coach.

Global Workouts

Climb a mountain or sweat on a beach with these classes filmed at different locations across the globe, led by your favorite fitness coach.

Google Maps

Choose your route by tracing a custom path via Google Maps and immerse yourself in the location with detailed street view images.

Cooking Classes

Bring your fitness to the next level by learning to cook. These classes offer various lessons, including information on nutrition, hormones, food and stress, and much more.

iFIT Mind

iFIT knows that your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and that’s why they offer iFIT Mind, a meditation program that will help you fight stress and find your center.


iFIT offers fun monthly challenges where you can compete with fellow users and get fitter together.

Live Events

Virtually join events worldwide, such as a real 5k occurring in a mountain village or participate in a 26-mile cycling race down the street.

Progressive Series

Choose a progressive workout series that will prepare you for your goal event over many sessions, such as a 5k or even a marathon.

Top Notch Trainers

Unlike some apps on the market that don’t guarantee their instructors' credentials or education, iFIT employs qualified instructors and former athletes to lead their classes.

Fun Extras

Earn high-quality magnets that get shipped to your house for free for completing monthly challenges and prizes for workout milestones.

Beginners can enjoy iFIT in three ways:

  1. Purchase one of their branded exercise machines
  2. Use your exercise machine and follow along on your tablet, tv, or phone.
  3. Or use the app for off-machine workouts such as strength, pilates, Bootcamp, etc.

iFIT is partnered with the following brands:

  • NordicTrack
  • ProForm
  • Freemotion
  • Weider
  • Matrix

If you purchase one of these machines, you get a family subscription to the iFIT app with up to five member profiles for one year, a $396 value.

You can stream workouts at home, at the gym, or on the go with the iFIT app, and a few different payment options are available.

If you just want the iFIT app without purchasing a machine, you’ll pay $180 per year for a single account profile. In addition, you can pay for a family plan subscription at $39 monthly or  $389 yearly.

You can try iFIT free for 30 days for iOS and Android devices, as well as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV, and Android TV.

Benefits of iFIT for Beginners

This app offers numerous class options that cover most aspects of fitness, including cardio, strength, and flexibility. If you’re looking for one training platform to cover most of your fitness requirements, iFIT is a good choice.

However, you may want to invest in additional equipment if you use their app for strength. Most people soon outgrow bodyweight movements and require more resistance to remain challenged.

The benefits of regularly participating in iFIT cardio classes like running, rowing, cycling, and elliptical include:

  • Decreasing your risk of heart disease
  • Improving your cholesterol (Increasing the good, decreasing the bad)
  • Lowering your blood pressure
  • Fighting chronic diseases like hypertension, stroke, and heart attack
  • Improving your mood
  • Burning calories
  • Fighting aging

The benefits of participating regularly in strength and flexibility such as those offered in the iFIT app include:

  • Increased muscle mass and strength
  • Burning more body fat
  • Improving your mood
  • Fighting aging
  • Improving your flexibility and coordination
  • Preventing injury

iFIT is best if you want all your workouts on one platform, you value the qualifications of your instructors, and you love variety and nuance in your workouts.

How to Get Started with iFIT

Getting started with iFIT is relatively easy, and you can create a profile and view your class options in just a few minutes.

After you download the app you’ll be asked to input your information, including height, weight, workout goals, and your personal fitness preferences.

Once you set up your profile, you can access the dashboard and sign up for classes or series, build your workout schedule, and explore the app's many features. While setup is a breeze, it may take you some time to discover the extensive class options and app features available to you.

Preparing Your Space

If you buy one of the iFIT-connected exercise machines, you’ll need to take some time to prepare your space. Check the machine's exact space requirements before buying it, but understand that most home exercise equipment requires 2050 square feet of space.

If you plan on using iFIT for all of your exercise needs, you may also want to invest in a few additional items, such as dumbbells, kettlebells, or exercise bands. These resistance training tools will help you continue to progress with your strength training workouts.

Other helpful workout tools include a yoga mat and blocks, a water bottle, and some comfortable gym clothes. You don’t need to spend your whole paycheck on gym gear, instead, prioritize pieces that fit well and allow you the freedom to move comfortably.

Jumping in with iFIT

Start by choosing an activity that interests you, such as rowing, then filter classes based on class length, trainer, difficulty level, area of the body targeted, class location, equipment needed, language, and more.

Next, remember to always make time for a proper warm-up and cool-down after each training session. This does not have to be lengthy, but it’s important to help you prepare your body for movement and may help prevent injury.

As a beginner, you have hundreds of classes options in iFIT that are designed for those new to exercise. Give yourself permission to feel silly and awkward in the beginning–everyone does when they’re learning a new movement.

You can try different class lengths to find what feels right for you but remember that any activity is better than none, so don’t agonize over the specifics, especially in the beginning.

Instead, experiment with different classes and movements, and try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.

Lastly,  make sure you are prioritizing rest-both as needed during the sessions and between workouts. Our body can only grow if we give it the proper time to recover.

Types of iFIT Workouts

IFIT workouts can generally be classified as cardio, strength, or flexibility training. You know you need all three kinds of movement to stay healthy and strong, but you have complete freedom to build a program that helps you achieve your goals while meshing with your lifestyle.

When starting any exercise, it’s best to start slow and ease into it. It’s easy to dial up the number of sessions you do weekly or the intensity and weights used, but you can’t take it back when you overdo it.

iFIT Treadmill Workouts

Treadmills have long been the most popular piece of home gym equipment, and it’s not hard to see why. They offer versatility and the ability to get a great cardio session in, rain or shine.

Treadmill workouts offer all the benefits of cardio exercise with a variety of intensities.

You have a staggering 20 iFIT-branded treadmill options to choose from NordicTrack, Freemotion, Matrix, or Proform.

But whether you go with a branded machine or not, your iFIT subscription grants you access to hundreds of treadmill workout options, including walking, hiking, and running in the studio, on the road, or virtually around the world, led by premier running and hiking pros.

What makes iFIT different from other training platforms is the sheer number of class options and features available to you on one app.

  • You can use the Google Maps feature to plot a walking course through your favorite local park
  • Hike virtually up a mountain
  • Or train for a marathon, all from the comfort of your home or local gym

Beginner iFIT Walking Workout

Walk briskly 15- 30 minutesDaily

Beginner iFIT Hiking Workout

With your pack, hike with moderate incline changes30 minutesRest as neededTwice weekly
With your pack, long hike with no incline60 minutesRest as neededOnce per week

Beginner iFIT 5k Workout

MondayRun 1 mileRest as needed
TuesdayRest or walk 60 minutesN/A
WednesdayRun 1.75 milesRest as needed
ThursdayRest or cross trainN/A
SaturdayRun 1.5 milesRest as needed
SundayWalk 60 minutesRest as needed

iFIT Bike Workouts

Another trendy cardio option is cycling. Whether you love boutique group fitness classes, or training for a race on the open road, cycling provides excellent cardio exercise that is lower impact than other forms of cardio.

With iFIT, you can choose from 17 different bike options, from NordicTrack, Freemotion, Matrix, or Proform, or use your bike at home, at the gym, or on the road.

You can peddle through the Moab desert on an interactive global workout or jam out to the latest hits in a studio session. You can also spin through your neighborhood and take advantage of the audio workout options from iFIT.

iFIT has so many different ways to get a cycling workout and receive professional coaching while you’re doing it.

Beginner iFIT Cycling Workout

Step 1: Bike warm-up, no resistance5 minutesEasy
Step 2: Increase resistance, seated peddle3-5 minutesModerate
Step 3: Increase resistance, stand & peddle1-2 minutesChallenging
Step 4: Decrease resistance, seated peddle2-3 minutesEasy
Step 5: easy peddling cool-down, no resistance5 minutesEasy

iFIT Elliptical Workouts

Another popular cardio workout that iFIT offers is elliptical. There are 14 branded elliptical machines offered through iFIT partners NordicTrack, Freemotion, Matrix, or Proform. Of course, you can use your own elliptical or follow along at the gym with your iFIT app too.

Like cycling, elliptical workouts offer all the benefits of cardio exercise, including boosting your heart health and improving your endurance and stamina in a lower-impact way.

iFIT Rowing Workouts

Not as common in commercial gyms, rowing machines are an underrated form of cardio that combines cardiovascular exercise and strength training into one challenging session.

Rowing is unique because it requires more focus on your form and generating power which is also why it’s such a great exercise.

NordicTrack and ProForm offer four different rowing machines, and your commercial gym may also have a few.

iFIT has rowing classes focused on cardio, fat loss, and power building. You can row to build your endurance or do HIIT-style training focusing on power and intensity.

Beginner iFIT Rowing Workout

Step 1: Easy rowing warm-up5 minutesEasy
Step 2: Row at a higher intensity1 minuteChallenging
Step 3: Recovery row2 minutesEasy
Step 4: Easy rowing cool-down5 minutesEasy

iFIT Strength Workouts

The most exciting and cutting-edge machines available for purchase from the iFIT system are their strength machines. NordicTrack and ProForm are re-imagining home gyms with their super-sleek, space-conscious complete strength options. You have 12 to choose from, including strength mirrors, cable systems, and vaults.

You have four options to choose from, and both companies offer machines that come with different levels of resistance and real-time form correction. This is huge because that’s a major downfall of most fitness apps.

Whether you invest in one of these systems or kick it with dumbbells at home, iFIT offers a comprehensive set of individual strength sessions as well as workout series that will help you get stronger.

Beginner iFIT Strength Workout

Cable pull-through8-103-460 - 90 seconds
Pallof press30 seconds each side3-460 - 90 seconds
Standing chest press8-103-460 - 90 seconds
Cable row8-103-460 - 90 seconds
Face Pull8-103-460 - 90 seconds

Bottom Line

The iFIT app is an exceptional choice for beginners because it offers superior exercise variety, novelty, and quality exercise instruction. iFIT also has loads of unique features, all at an affordable monthly price.

For just $15 you get access to thousands of individual classes and hundreds of workout series, including running, walking, cycling, rowing, strength, HIIT, and yoga, so there is a workout option for everyone.

In addition to their lengthy list of class options, you can enjoy bonuses like their Google Maps feature, Global Workouts, cooking classes, and mindset content–all with your monthly subscription.

If you are new to exercise and want an app that does it all, try iFIT for free for 30 days.

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