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Peloton App Review: Why it Ranks High in 2023

The Peloton App offers a high-energy, competitive environment similar to a cycling class, but from your home. It stands out amongst other fitness apps due to its live and on-demand classes for a boutique cycling experience.

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9 min readAugust 3rd, 2023


Peloton skyrocketed in popularity due to its signature cycling classes led by dynamic instructors on their premium at-home cardio equipment, but the app offers so much more.

If you’re considering investing in the Peloton experience, this complete review will tell you everything you need to know about the Peloton app.

Peloton App Overview

Peloton is an App-based fitness program designed to be used along with a Peloton cardio-branded machine. You can purchase a Peloton Bike, Bike+, treadmill, or rowing machine.

Peloton’s claim to fame is their high-octane cycling classes led by their dynamic fitness instructors. Many of these instructors are social media influencers with devoted followers.

Peloton became a worldwide sensation because of its cycling classes, but that is just one of many class options available on the app. In addition to cycling, you can run, walk, row, box, lift, flow, and meditate using their thousands of exercise classes.

Peloton uses premium proprietary cardio equipment and your favorite fitness gadgets to bring your workouts to the next level. Whether you invest in one of their bikes or not, the Peloton app offers real-time performance data that motivates you to keep up with your class peers or compete against your high score.

Though Peloton does not provide customized workouts, you can save and stack your favorite classes to create your program.

You can download the Peloton app for iOS and Android devices from the App Store, Google Play, or the website. The app syncs with Apple and Garmin watches and other apps like MyFitnessPal, WeightWatchers, and Lifesum.

Peloton: Our Take
Varies by equipment and subscription


Best for High Quality Trainer Content

  • 30-day Home Trial
  • Peloton Bike Rental Program
  • Various Equipment to suit your preference
  • App that works with and without equipment

Peloton is truly an investment. To get the best Peloton experience, the company recommends purchasing one of their cardio machines. A bike starts at $1,445–plus a $150 assembly fee–and that doesn’t include your monthly membership and accessories like cycling shoes, adapters, or cages (Peloton bikes only work with certain kinds of shoes).

While the equipment is expensive, the Peloton app offers a 30-day free trial for new users, and you can return your bike within 30 days if you are not completely satisfied–though you will pay for shipping costs yourself.

Once you decide to invest, getting started with the Peloton app is extremely easy. First, if you purchase a machine, your machine will come loaded. If you don’t want to buy a bike, you can also download the app using a basic subscription on your phone or tablet. Next, you will create your profile, and the app will ask if you want to sync to Apple Health and your notification preferences.

Peloton offers a $13-per-month basic subscription that includes thousands of live and pre-recorded classes but limited access to in-class metrics for a single user. Their all-access membership-required when you purchase a machine–and costs $44 per month.

This option gives you access to the entire Peloton catalog and complete user experience for your household, including exclusive events, complete leaderboard data, and new programs. They also recently introduced the Guide Membership for $24 per month. The Guide is a video sensor device that uses artificial intelligence to track your movements and provide real-time strength training instruction.

App MembershipGuide MembershipAll-Access Membership
NoPeloton GuideYes
1 UserUp to 5 UsersEntire Household
Workout AnywherePersonal Strength Training GuideUnlock all Peloton Content for Equipment

You can try any Peloton app subscription for 30 days free with no commitment, and you can freeze your membership for up to three months if you need to.

Peloton Pros & Cons

While Peloton offers numerous class options and a vibrant community of instructors, it’s not for everyone. The high cost and resulting pressure to get your money’s worth will be a turn-off for some. Check out our pro and con list for the Peloton App.

Peloton App Pros
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Real-time performance data
  • Fun & engaging instructors
  • Sense of community
  • Thousands of live and pre-recorded classes
  • User-friendly and sleek
  • Peloton cardio machine not required
  • Freeze membership for up to three months
Peloton App Cons
  • No personalized workouts
  • Class options are limited with some subscriptions
  • Peloton bike or other connected equipment required for best experience

Peloton App Standout Features

Peloton is a popular, class-based fitness app that offers live and pre-recorded classes led by dazzling fitness professionals. You can purchase a Peloton bike, rower, or treadmill or use your own cardio machine. Here are our favorite standout features.

Rotating Featured Collections

The Peloton App offers various featured collections, which are exercise program series designed for different fitness goals that also fit a theme. From holidays to workouts geared toward early risers, you will find a program for you in the featured collections.

Class Filters

The app filters classes in various ways, including class length, type, difficulty, music type, and more. This feature is helpful if you loved an instructor (or didn’t love them) and want to find them again, for example.

Leaderboard Options

The performance metrics found in the leaderboard are many peloton members’ favorite feature-but, not everyone agrees.

If you have a competitive streak and enjoy measuring yourself against other class members, you can adjust the settings so you’ll see your class ranking.

You can compare yourself within the class or look at all-time best scores. If not, change the settings so you see fewer metrics, or you can compete against your own previous performance.

If you have a wearable device that syncs, this is also where you will see data such as heart rate populate.

Your Dashboard

The dashboard is a handy feature because it shows the workouts you have completed and future classes you signed up for. The section below also shows where your latest workout focused on your body, which may help plan your other workouts or cue you that it’s time for a rest day.

Member Search

One of the best aspects of the Peloton experience is the sense of community the instructors create and the fun, competitive environment. But that camaraderie doesn’t have to end when the class does. You can use the member search feature to connect with other app users, send workouts, and see some of their performance metrics.

The Instructors

The Peloton instructors are often cited as the best part of the app and why many users keep coming back. Instructors all bring something different, so there truly is a class and a coach for everyone.

What Does Peloton Track?

The app accurately tracks and saves all your ride metrics, including output, cadence, resistance, rides completed, and class ranking.

This data is fun to see in real time and allows you to track your cardiovascular fitness and endurance over time, which can help you set new goals.

Is Peloton Easy to Use?

The Peloton app is relatively easy to use and takes only a few minutes to set up. First, download the app and enter your demographic information. Then, if you have a device you want to pair or an app you want to sync with, do that next.

Using the app is relatively intuitive, as the headers and sections are clearly labeled and often include photographs. In addition, the app has workouts for beginners and pros that are clearly marked. You can challenge yourself further by increasing your bike resistance or using weights. And you can always also filter classes to meet your current needs and preferences.

Who is Peloton Best For?

The Peloton App is best for anyone with a Peloton cardio machine who loves aerobic exercise and enjoys working out at home. However, because of its high price tag, the Peloton App is only best for you if you can make the significant financial investment that the whole experience requires.

Sticker shock aside, Peloton fitness classes offer a uniquely encouraging and motivating community fitness experience that will push you farther than you’d ever go alone. With hundreds of dynamic coaches leading thousands of classes, you’ll always get a great workout and leave smiling.

How Does Peloton Compare to Other Apps?

Dozens of workout apps are available these days, so it can be hard to know which one is right for you. But, generally speaking, you can place fitness apps in two categories: Fitness Classes and Tailored Programs.

Tailored programs offer more well-rounded, personalized programming written by a fitness professional or driven by artificial intelligence technology.

Fitness class apps offer live or pre-recorded classes led by group fitness instructors.

App NamePrice Trial PeriodBest For
Peloton$12.99/mo+30 daysHome workout enthusiasts
iFit$15/mo30 daysThose with home cardio machine
Nike Training ClubFreeN/ABeginners
Future$149/mo30 daysPersonalized programming
Aaptiv$14.99/mo7 days Audio-based workouts
Obe Fitness$24.99/mo7 days Different class types

What to Consider When Choosing a Fitness App

There are quite a few things you need to consider when evaluating fitness apps. First, assess your fitness goals. What is your primary reason for starting an exercise routine, and why now? Of course, we all need aerobic and anaerobic exercise to be healthy, but what movements do you enjoy?

Other things to consider are your budget, your schedule, and the equipment you have available. Here are some things to keep in mind when evaluating fitness apps.

  • Program type: Different fitness apps offer different kinds of programs and levels of instruction. Suppose you’re new to working out and know little about exercise form. In that case, you’ll want to invest in an app with more instruction and personalization. If you’re experienced in the gym and have your form down, you have more options and could use apps that offer classes or unsupervised exercise programs.
  • Price: The price for fitness apps varies wildly and reflects the amount of instruction you will receive and the level of personalization in your program. Peloton is in the middle regarding price but offers no personalized coaching or form correction. Some fitness apps are free but usually range between $10 and $50 per month, not including equipment and gym membership fees. However, a few outliers charge up to $150 per hour–though those are personal training apps that offer all of the perks of personal training with the flexibility of an app.
  • Hidden Fees: While many apps are straightforward about cost and value, others have a bit more to consider. Peloton, for example, has three different subscriptions and three different cardio machines available for purchase. If you do purchase one of their bikes, you’ll also have to buy special cycling shoes, pedal adapters, or cages.
  • Commitment Required: Many fitness apps offer a free trial to try the service before committing. However, make sure you read the fine print before you commit because some apps offer a free trial but require your credit card information upfront. This makes it easy to forget you signed up, and no one likes unexpected charges.
  • Technology: It’s common for apps to sync with wearable fitness devices and other health apps, but it’s important to do your research. For example, some apps only sync with iOS devices, and you don’t want to pay for something you can’t use.
  • Equipment Requirement: Apps primarily offering fitness classes usually have minimal equipment requirements. Apps that provide individualized training often can write workout programs without equipment but appreciate some available choices. Ensure the app you choose has fitness options that work with your current training environment. You don’t want to drop money on an app only to realize you have zero equipment and their coaches can’t help you.
  • Coaching Offered: The biggest differentiator of fitness apps is whether or not you will be coached and instructed by a person. Many experienced exercisers and endurance athletes do not require this and thrive independently or in recorded class environments. However, if you’re new to exercise—and weight training especially– you will need proper instruction on executing the movements safely. Though training with a personal trainer is the gold standard, some apps can offer similar levels of education and encouragement. If that sounds like you, check out our Future App review.

The Bottom Line

The Peloton App uses sleek cardio machines and dynamic group fitness instructors to achieve a high-octane fitness class vibe from home. While the Peloton machines are expensive, the unique experience and endless class options offered in the Peloton app offer value and style.

Though the best user experience is with a Peloton machine and their all-access subscription, you can use the app without one. Instead, download the basic subscription to your phone or tablet and use your own cardio equipment.

The Peloton App is an excellent option for cycling enthusiasts, aerobic exercise fanatics, and anyone who loves working out at home. Check out the Peloton App for free for 30 days here.

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