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Must-Have Equipment for Future to Amplify Your Workouts

The Future app promises a personal trainer in your pocket and offers access to various workouts, including ones that do and don't require equipment. Additional workout equipment, while not required, could enhance its functionality.

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3 min readAugust 3rd, 2023


Future enables you to select personal trainers by browsing their profiles and reviewing their credentials, specialties, and even unique quirks.

Future offers all the benefits of working with a personal trainer, plus uses the data from your favorite health tech to fine-tune your program. This review will dive into the Future app and detail the workouts, features, and equipment Future requires.

Best Equipment for the Future App

A subscription to Future is $150 monthly. Your subscription grants you access to a personal trainer who takes the preferences and goals you shared during onboarding and creates a workout program just for you.

Future differs from other fitness apps because it encourages you to build a relationship with your coach in real time. You can send messages, share exercise videos to check your form, and even Facetime with them.

No matter your fitness goals, Future has an expert coach who will help you accomplish them. For a complete breakdown of the workouts offered in the Future app, check out our review here.

While equipment is optional for working out with the Future app, specific equipment may help depending on your fitness goals.

Future: Our Take
$199 per month


Best for access to Personal Trainers

  • Apple Watch Rental Program
  • Record Mode for better coaching & feedback
  • Select Your Coach

Gym Membership

A gym membership is entirely optional but will give you access to all kinds of strength equipment and cardio machines for training, rain or shine. This may help you reach your goals faster, so it's something to consider.

Resistance Equipment

If you want to get bigger, stronger, or leaner, access to resistance training equipment like dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and cables will challenge you and fast-track your progress more than body weight workouts alone.

If you don't have a gym membership, you can still resistance train with household items like sandbags, heavy boxes, or milk jugs. Select your available equipment in the app and communicate your needs to your coach.


The Future app requires an Apple Watch, but don't worry if you don't own one! Future will lend you one for free (with a $199 deposit). Tracking your heart rate, calories burned, and sleep patterns will help your Future coach tailor your workouts and adjust your recovery accordingly.

Apple Watch logo

Apple Watch

Best for all around health tracking

Advanced sensors help provide insights to help you better understand your health and new safety features can get you help when you need it.

  • Dual-Frequency GPS

  • Advanced Health Sensors

  • Track Daily Activity

  • Improved Workout App

Exercise Bands

Another affordable and versatile equipment option you can invest in is a set of exercise bands. Bands are a great way to add resistance to your training without expensive club memberships or bulky at-home equipment.

Yoga Mat & Blocks

The personal trainers of Future have experience helping people with all ability levels reach their fitness goals. No matter your abilities or experience, however, two items that may make you more comfortable during your workouts are a yoga mat and exercise blocks. They can be used during Future workouts like yoga or stretching, allowing you to modify exercises as needed.

Foam Roller

Whether you're looking to increase your flexibility, rehab, or injury prevention–you can get a great workout with minimal equipment with the Future app. However, a foam roller is a helpful tool to support your training. Foam rollers can be used during your warm-up or cool-down and can help increase your mobility and reduce muscle soreness.

How to Get the Most Out of the Future App

Future allows you to sync your smartwatch to maximize your workouts and provide health data to your coach. Make the most of your Future experience by using the app for all your workouts, and stay in touch with your trainer. You should also record any movements you haven’t mastered yet and send them for review.

The Bottom Line

Future is the best app for anyone interested in receiving personal training for adaptive exercise, sports, tactical performance, injury prevention and rehab, and prenatal and postpartum training. It also provides excellent value for weight loss, general fitness, and strength training.

No matter what equipment you have available, you’re sure to find a coach you love and a killer program with the Future app.

Try Future for 30 days for $19 using this link.

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