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Aaptiv Workout Programs: Our Comprehensive Workout Guide

Aaptiv offers various types of workouts such as running, strength training, yoga, and cycling. Each workout in Aaptiv is structured with expert coaching guiding through audio instructions, complemented by energizing music playlists

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3 min readAugust 3rd, 2023


The app has over 3,000 classes led by high-energy coaches to keep you moving. You'll always be energized with varied options like boxing, running, strength training, barre, and more.

Aaptiv appeals to those looking to amp up their cardio, stay fit, or lose weight and want a cheerleader along the way. This review will explore the Aaptiv app and detail all the available workout options.

Workout Programs from Aaptiv

An Aaptiv subscription costs $100 per year or $15 per month and also offers a free 30-day guest pass so you can train with a friend. A subscription grants you access to thousands of guided classes with custom playlists created by the personal trainer in charge. New classes are added each week, and you can adjust the intensity and length of each session.

Aaptiv also emphasizes holistic health by offering meditation, yoga, and the option to remind you about other health goals you select. In addition, Aaptiv knows that community is essential when you start a health journey, so they host an online forum for members.

Aaptiv: Our Take
Starting at $14.99 per month


Best for Cardio Enthusiasts

  • Access to thousands of workouts
  • Certified trainers leading courses
  • Ability to add video workouts to subscription

Endless Cardio Options

Aaptiv truly shines with its diverse cardio offerings. You can try indoor cardio classes on the bike, elliptical, rower, treadmill, or stair climber. Or take your workout on the open road with outdoor running options. You’re sure to stay focused with the coach encouraging you and the custom playlist amping you up. With their customized training programs, you can also train for an event like a 5k or bike race.

Strength Training

During your app onboarding, you'll select the type of strength equipment available, and the app will match you to the best workouts for you. Whether you want to train with kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, bands, or no equipment–Aaptiv will help you achieve your strength goals.


Aaptiv has more unique fitness offerings, such as boxing. Boxing classes are high-octane fun, so try one if you want to sweat and increase your power and strength. Choose from boxing workouts with or without equipment, so you can tailor it to your needs and what you have on hand.

Yoga & Stretching

Aaptiv offers loads of yoga flows and stretching classes to help you recover from your higher-intensity workouts and strengthen your mind-body connection. Choose from workouts that focus on breath and gentle movements, stretching, balance, or building rhythm.

Barre & Pilates

Barre and Pilates are two wildly popular classes that are great for toning and strengthening your whole body. These workouts can also help with core strength and posture. If you’re looking for low-impact workouts, barre or pilates are great to try.


No matter what your fitness goals are, walking is something that you can incorporate to improve your recovery, boost your mood, and increase your daily activity. Aaptiv offers numerous classes to help you increase your steps and have fun doing it.

Aaptiv Bonus Features


In addition to all their great fitness classes, Aaptiv offers meditation classes to help you de-stress and find your center throughout your fitness journey. Learn how to get started with meditation and how to turn it into a habit.


Aaptiv knows sleep is the bedrock of health and offers targeted classes and meditations to help you go to sleep faster and improve your sleep hygiene. With better sleep, you’ll enjoy more energy, better workouts, and improved mental clarity.

How to Get the Most Out of Aaptiv

Aaptiv provides exciting workouts led by motivating coaches who keep you energized and focused. To get the most out of your Aaptiv experience, log in daily, use Aaptiv for all your workout needs, and sync your devices.

You can download Aaptiv for Apple or Android and sync it with fitness trackers like Strava, Garmin, or Fitbit. You can also log non-Aaptiv workouts, save your favorite exercises, and filter classes by popularity.

Aaptiv is an excellent app for endurance athletes and cardio enthusiasts, those with some strength training experience, and anyone looking for a high-energy and encouraging workout. Because Aaptiv is audio-only, there are better options for those looking to learn how to strength train for the first time.

The Bottom Line

Aaptiv is an audio-only fitness app combining varied workouts led by personal trainers and energizing playlists. You’ll get all the encouragement and guidance of a pricey coaching session without having to leave home.

Aaptiv is a solid choice for anyone looking to have all their workouts written for them, cardio enthusiasts, and those looking for that extra coaching push.

You can try Aaptiv free for seven days here.

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