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Centr Workout Programs: Strength Gains in Each Session

The Centr fitness app, launched by Chris Hemsworth, offers varied workout programs including HIIT, boxing, yoga, and strength training. Workouts are personalized based on the user's goals and fitness levels.

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3 min readAugust 3rd, 2023


This app provides all your fitness needs in one convenient location and offers workout programs tailored to your goals, meal plans created by sports nutritionists, and meditation to melt away stress.

With 1,000 different workouts, almost 500 recipes, and 137 different meditations, the Centr app has something for everyone. In this article, we’ll break down the different kinds of workout plans Centr offers, discuss the three pricing options, and provide an overview of its best features.

Centr Programs Overview

The Centr app offers a well-rounded approach to fitness for $30 per month. You can also get a discount for a three-month or yearly subscription. The Centr app makers understand sustainable health change is a long-term commitment, and this pricing structure is meant to incentivize that. You can try the Centr app for a free seven-day trial (though you do have to input payment information).

With your subscription, you receive workouts led by professional trainers, a meal plan with healthy recipes, and access to hundreds of meditations. You can access these from your planner page and additional resources like blogs and videos to help you along your journey.

While you cannot plan your own workouts or meals in the app, you can change them if today’s plan doesn’t suit your needs.

Centr: Our Take
Starting at $29.99 per month


Best for holistic fitness approach

  • Train, Eat, and Live Sections for holistic approach
  • Self-Guided and Coached workouts
  • Extended Routines with Centr Guided Programs

Workout Programs from Centr

Each exercise program comes with an explainer guide that details everything you need to know including equipment required, intensity, mindset, and more.

Centr Begin

If you’re brand new to exercise, or you’ve taken a long hiatus, this three-week exercise program is for you. You can run this program with or without equipment.

Centr Power

This 13-week program is designed for those who want to gain muscle, strength, and size and is similar to a bodybuilding program. You can choose the gym or in-home option, where you will learn the proper lifting form from their video tutorials.

Centr Sculpted

This 6-week high-intensity dumbbell strength program is for anyone looking to shed body fat, gain muscle, and change how they look and feel. Centr sculpted also offers low-impact exercise modifications.

Centr Ignite

This high-intensity resistance training program uses dumbbells and offers three weekly workouts that require minimal equipment to increase overall fitness and burn fat.

Centr Unlimited

This six-week program uses zero equipment and still provides challenging workouts that you can do anywhere. This program is excellent for anyone who doesn’t love the gym or travels for work.

Centr Unleashed

Another six-week program that does not require equipment, Unleashed is targeted for maximum fat loss. This program uses high-intensity, low-impact movements, so it’s great for all ages and those with previous injuries or chronic pain.

Centr 6

A favorite of Chris Hemsworth, Centr 6 offers short circuits that combine HIIT and strength training for maximum efficiency.

Centr Fusion

Fusion is a unique offering that increases your mind-body connection using HIIT, strength training, and low-impact cardio yoga. This six-week program offers something new each day and requires minimal equipment.

Centr Align

Yoga meets pilates in this restorative four-week program. Improve your core strength and flexibility and adjust the intensity level as needed.

Centr Masterclass

This program teaches functional fitness in  13 sessions led by expert trainer Da Rulk. Functional fitness is popular with police officers, emergency medical techs, firefighters, and others with physically demanding jobs.

How to Get the Most Out of Centr

The Centr app is superb for anyone looking to get in shape and not agonize over their fitness and nutrition program details. Centr is also great for anyone struggling with mental health issues and looking to make healthy changes, as the daily planner and emphasis on mental wellness will help them stay on track.

Centr is designed to be holistic and all-encompassing, so log into the app daily to get the best experience possible. You should also feel empowered to swap out any workouts or meals you want to change. You are much more likely to stick with a program in the long term if you enjoy it.

The Centr app only syncs with Apple Health, so you may be disappointed if you own another fitness tracker and hope to sync your data.


While pricier than its competitors, the Centr app offers many features that promote total wellness in one convenient app. Centr is great if you want the planning done for you in an easy, all-in-one app approach to your fitness and nutrition journey.

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