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Future App Workout Programs to Reach New Levels

The Future app offers various types of workouts, including strength training, sports performance, weight loss, and more. Expert trainers in the app provide tailored fitness programs and ongoing support to ensure optimal results.

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5 min readOctober 15th, 2023
SLWritten By Sara Lindberg


What sets Future apart from competitors is the connection you build with an experienced coach in real-time. Your coach then uses all your feedback, preferences, and goals to create a customized workout program.

Future is the best choice on the market for anyone considering traditional personal training but who wants the flexibility of a tech-based solution. This review will explore the Future app and detail all the available workout options.

Workout Programs from Future

A Future subscription is expensive at $199 per month. However, compared to personal training, which averages $50 per hour, you can see the value. You can also try the app for 30 days for $19.

The most notable feature of this app is the top-tier fitness professionals they have on staff. Unlike your traditional corporate gym that relies on new, inexperienced personal trainers, the Future app features expert coaches with advanced credentials and significant experience.

As a result, you’ll receive a program tailored to your tastes and ability level using the equipment you have available. In addition, you'll receive encouraging messages and constructive feedback from your coach on a daily basis. Future's robust virtual platform also allows for coaching check-ins and video uploads of your exercises for your coach to critique.

Future: Our Take
$199 per month


Best for Access to Personal Trainers

  • Apple Watch Rental Program
  • Record Mode for better coaching & feedback
  • Select Your Coach

General Fitness

Every single coach on staff has ample experience helping folks who simply want to make exercise a habit and get healthier and fitter. No matter which coach you choose, you’ll get a varied, exciting workout program made for you.

Strength Training

If you’re new to lifting weights or want to increase your comfort in your gym's free weight section, dozens of coaches on the Future app can help you. No matter where you work out or what equipment you have available, the fitness experts at Future will help you get stronger safely. 


If you love lifting weights and want to give this physique sport a try, there are loads of Future coaches with bodybuilding experience who can keep you motivated and on track to reach your goals. Unlike general fitness, bodybuilding truly requires expert coaching and high-level accountability if you’re going to make it to the stage. The Future app can help you get there for much less than traditional coaching.

Weight Loss & Physique Change

If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or change your body composition, expert coaching and ample support are essential. Changing how you look is a long process requiring patience and an experienced, supportive coach.

Sports Performance

Many adults who played sports growing up miss the thrill of competition and the intense training atmosphere of athletics. But just because you hung up your cleats doesn’t mean you’re on the bench. Future has experienced sports performance coaches who can help get you back in shape for the rec league.

Injury Recovery & Prevention

If you train long enough, you will likely experience an injury. Restarting an exercise program after you’ve been hurt can feel scary. The last thing you want to do is make your injury worse, so you need skilled coaching to advance safely. The Future coaches have your back, as many are physical therapists with years of experience in injury rehab and prevention.

Adaptive Exercise

If you have a disability, the gym can be intimidating. Equipment and spaces aren’t always accommodating, which can feel unwelcoming. But fitness is for everyone, and Future has experts who specialize in adaptive exercise and can show you how to modify movements, master new equipment, and own your space. So whether you have a gym membership or workout at home, Future will keep your sessions fun and challenging.

Tactical Performance

If you work in a physically taxing job, fitness is more than a want; it’s a requirement. And while functional fitness programs have become incredibly popular for first responders and military members, finding a gym that caters to you can be difficult. Thankfully Future has qualified tactical performance coaches who can prepare you for any job demands.

Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness

If you’re a parent preparing for or recovering from childbirth, trying to start an exercise routine can feel daunting. What movements should you incorporate? Which should you avoid? The prenatal and postpartum fitness coaches at Future have the expertise and education to address your specific concerns so you can exercise safely and effectively.

How to Get the Most out of Future

Future is the clear choice if you can stomach the monthly cost and you want interactive encouragement and expertise from a real coach. There are better choices than this app for endurance athletes or people simply looking for an exercise tracker.

Maximize your Future experience by using the app for all your workouts and stay in touch with your coach. You should also record your exercises and send them for review for any movements you haven’t mastered yet.

The Future app is compatible with Apple and Android phones and syncs with watch devices from Apple, Samsung, and Google Pixel. Pairing your watch allows complete data integration to keep all your info in one place.

Future’s Head of Performance, Renee Zernicke, recommends taking advantage of the technology built into the app. “Each workout shows your heart rate levels, calories burned, workout consistency and minutes of activity each day, so make sure and use this data as another source of motivation to push yourself and beat personal goals,” she says.

One user says, “One of the best training apps I’ve used. Couple that with an actual person (shoutout to Garrett Baker) who literally works one and one with you to adjust the plan and answer any questions, is awesome. The videos, the tech, the trainer, all works seamless and I was impressed from day one. Good job to the engineers, product owners, and all involved in building out a great experience.”


Best Equipment for Future

One of the reasons the Future App is so user-friendly is it gives you the flexibility to exercise just about anywhere and with a variety of equipment. Renee Zernicke points out that Future has created a service that’s complementary to all other fitness products and equipment, allowing their community of members to get more use of their gyms and equipment.

“Future offers a unified experience – as coaches, we are the funnel for all fitness activities and can program workouts to the equipment and schedule you have available, while tailoring your routine to your preferences, lifestyle and goals,” she explains.

Because Future is so versatile, the best equipment really comes down to the tools you like to use. If you work out at the gym, some top choices for equipment include dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, strength machines, and resistance bands.

This same equipment list is appropriate for home gyms as well. You can also work with your Future trainer to create a workout routine featuring body weight exercises for those times when equipment is not available.

The Bottom Line

Future is a pricey option with loads of value that offers expert coaching and continual support, all from your phone. Future is great for anyone looking to improve their general fitness, strength training, or physique change.

However, Future truly shines the most for anyone interested in adaptive exercise, sports and tactical performance, injury prevention and rehab, and prenatal and postpartum training. Check out videos of Future in action:

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