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Our Editorial Approach

We want to empower everyone to live healthier, happier lives, while acknowledging every fitness journey is deeply personal and should be tailored to the individual. At our core, we deeply empathize with our readers and give them the most helpful information possible. We seek to make information accessible and easy to understand and navigate. Our content is always helpful, supportive, and clear.


Editorial Process

Our content adheres to the highest standards:


Written by Health & Fitness Experts




Internally Reviewed


Guided by Advisory Board


Updated Regularly

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Editorial Integrity

We take our commitment to editorial integrity as seriously as we take our health. Our resources, tools, and recommendations have the power to change people's lives for the better, so we always provide honest, accurate, up-to-date information.

While we may sometimes earn compensation when you follow our recommendations, that never, ever influences our editorial integrity. We put our readers and our mission first—period.

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Editorial Methodology

We always prioritize first-hand experience, hands-on testing, and being as comprehensive as possible. We love testing and honestly assessing fitness apps, equipment, gyms, and different products and services, so we can share real opinions and make the best possible recommendations for our readers.

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Health & Fitness Expertise

Our content is written by health and fitness experts, often with certifications and credentials in fitness training, nutrition, or a related medical field. We bring together some of the brightest minds in the fitness and wellness industry to share tested, sound recommendations rooted in nuance and acknowledgement that everyone’s health and fitness needs are different and highly contextual.

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Inclusion & Diversity

We recognize that everyone's fitness journey is deeply personal, and we strive to make everyone feel included. To that end, we use inclusive, conscious language and speak to a variety of experiences. Different identities, backgrounds, perspectives, shapes, and sizes make our world a rich, vibrant, and better place. We want everyone to feel seen and supported in being their best selves, whatever that means for them personally.

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