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GymBird Is Hiring a Chief Step Officer!

Put a little pep in your step—earn $10,000 for walking 10,000 steps as our Chief Step Officer!

At GymBird,

We're passionate about helping people take the next step in their fitness journey—whether it's your first time creating a fitness plan or you're already a fitness pro.

Walking is one of our favorite ways to incorporate healthy, sustainable habits into your everyday life. You don't need equipment or special training, and it's a low-impact exercise.

It's proven that walking helps you live longer! Studies show that walking can prevent strokes, help combat mental illness, and prevent cardiovascular disease. Even short walks can have a positive impact on your overall health.

As a new company, we're excited to make our first hire! GymBird is seeking a Chief Step Officer to walk 10k steps in a single day and report on their experience, hopefully reaping many rewards along the way—including a $10,000 payment for completing the task. If you're new to fitness and this task seems daunting, still apply! We'd love to help support people in their journey to work their way up to 10k steps in a day.

Who We Want to Hire

Our ideal candidate is excited to take the next “step” in their exercise routine and is willing to commit to walking every day for a month! You need to be prepared to walk, record your progress, and note your thoughts and feelings about the experience along the way. No prior fitness knowledge or experience is necessary!

Additional requirements:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Must be a US citizen or permanent legal resident
  • A 2-minute weekly video recap of how the job is going
  • A written paragraph at the end of every week describing their activities, challenges, success, and overall feelings
  • One social media post each week throughout the month to encourage and empower others to take their first step

What You'll Be Doing

The Chief Step Officer's ultimate goal is to walk 10K steps in a single day. You'll share your insights, challenges, thoughts, and feelings about your experience with us, so we can report the results on

Our CSO will have one month to achieve this, giving them time to gradually work their way from zero to 10K steps. By the last day of the month, they must walk the full 10,000 steps within a 24-hour period. You can clock your steps however you like: hiking, using a treadmill, doing laps at the mall, climbing stairs, or exploring your neighborhood—it's up to you! Perhaps you'll discover a new favorite ritual or hobby to enjoy beyond your tenure as Chief Step Officer.

At the end of the month, they will have a virtual 20-minute debrief with GymBird's co-founder and Chief Content Officer to talk about the full experience, after which a full report will be shared on the GymBird website.

What You'll Get

Our chosen CSO will receive a smartwatch to track their progress throughout the month, along with $10,000 in cash earnings for fulfilling the job requirements.

How to Apply

Ready to earn $10K for 10K steps? Then lace up your shoes and apply to be our Chief Step Officer below!

Health Benefits of Walking

Download High Res ImageBenefits of Walking Infographic

FAQs Chief Step Officer Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions will govern the applications of all of those who enter the Chief Step Officer campaign (the “Campaign”). The legal entity hosing this Campaign is Vital Brands, LLC (“Vital Brands”). The Campaign will be hosted on Vital Brands' website (the “Site”). The following rules shall apply to the Campaign:

Eligibility. To be eligible for the Campaign, you must be a resident of the United States of America. You must be authorized to work in the United States of America. You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age at the time of your application. Moreover, any Vital Brands employees, independent contractors, or family members of such employees or independent contractors, shall not be eligible to apply to the Campaign.

Entry Fee. There is no entry fee to apply for the Campaign, and applicants are not required to make any purchases in order to apply.

Evaluation. There will be no other factors aside from completed applications that will influence the selection process. Vital Brands reserves the right to use its discretion to evaluate, and subsequently choose the Campaign winner. Notwithstanding the foregoing, applicants will be evaluated without regard to any of the following: mental or physical disability, race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, military or veteran status, marital status, or any other protected status.

One Entry Per Applicant. Only one entry will be accepted per applicant. Duplicate applications will be disqualified from consideration.

Waiver. By applying an application, applicants waive all claims, liabilities, injuries (if any), losses, and damages (including punitive, incidental, and consequential damages), or expense (including attorneys' fees) arising from participation in this Campaign or the acceptance, use, or misuse of any prize. Vital Brands will not be responsible for entries not received for whatever reason, including incomplete applications, technical difficulties, or applicant error. And as such, Vital Brands will not be required to evaluate the aforementioned applications.

Personal Information. By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, the selected applicant agrees to permit Vital Brands to his / her image in any publicity or promotional material. Any personal data relating to the winner or any other entrants will be used solely in accordance with current United States data protection laws and regulations. For the avoidance of doubt, applicants may reserve the right to (1) know what personal information that Vital Brands has regarding the applicant, (2) request to Vital Brands that the personal information be deleted, (3) request to Vital Brands that applicant opt out of the sale or transfer of such personal information, and (4) request to Vital Brands that such personal information be corrected if deemed incorrect by applicant. All such requests may be done by providing Vital Brands notice at the following email address:

Notification. If the winner selected by Vital Brands does not respond to Vital Brands' communications, or cannot otherwise be contacted, or fails to claim the offer, or is otherwise ineligible, then Vital Brands retains the right to choose an alternative applicant for the completion and compensation of the Campaign.

Independent Contractor. The applicant that is selected for the Campaign acknowledges that, at all times hereto, he/she shall be operating as an independent contractor of Vital Brands. In no way does this Campaign create any agency, partnership, joint venture, or employee-employer relationship. The selected applicant retains no power to bind the Vital Brands.

Modification. Vital Brands reserves the right throughout the term of the Campaign to modify these Terms & Conditions in its sole discretion, including, but not limited to cancelling or amending these Terms & Conditions without prior consent of applicants.