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Crossrope App Review 2023: Data-Driven Jump Rope Workouts

Promising a more accessible approach to fitness, the Crossrope brand has an app as well as high-quality weighted jump ropes that are great for on-the-go training or even the smallest home gym space.

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9 min readAugust 16th, 2023


Are you looking for a cardio workout that’s actually fun? Or maybe you want to upgrade your home cardio options without spending a fortune on a pricey  machine? Keep reading this comprehensive review to see if the Crossrope app suits you.

Crossrope App Overview

There is a reason why top athletes like boxers and MMA fighters love jumping rope. Jumping rope is a top-notch form of cardio, and it helps develop the stabilizing muscles in our feet, ankles, and lower legs, which can help prevent injury and painful conditions like plantar fasciitis.

Speed rope is jumping rope quickly, sometimes with fancy tricks thrown in. It can be highly technical and unfamiliar to some personal trainers.

That’s where the Crossrope app shines. The popularity of at-home workouts and fitness apps catering to them has skyrocketed throughout the pandemic, and for good reason. What began as a necessity has become a preference for many who would rather skip the commute and the gym atmosphere for a quick, efficient workout in their home.

The Crossrope app puts a new spin on working at home. Crossrope offers a fun cardio workout with the convenience of an app that tracks your data, monitors your progress, and keeps your workouts all in one place.

There are three different ways you can enjoy the Crossrope experience.

  • Free app
  • Premium app subscription
  • Premium app subscription + AMP jump rope

The free version gives you access to only a limited number of workouts in their library and beginner exercise programs.

The premium version offers over 2,000 individual workouts and 15 workout programs. Crossrope, of course, specializes in jump rope cardio workouts, but they also have HIIT, bodyweight, and circuit training options as well.

You can invest in a premium subscription and their patented AMP Bluetooth jump rope.

Free AppMembershipMembership + AMP
ProgramsBeginner Only15+15+
Video TutorialsYesYesYes
Accurate Jump CounterNoNoYes
Personalized TargetsNoNoYes
Progress TrackingNoNoYes
Free Jump ModeNoNoYes

The Crossrope price structure is straightforward and you can try the premium Crossrope subscription and save some cash for $79 yearly–typically priced at $99– or opt to pay $10 monthly. You can also try the app free for 30 days.

The Crossrope app is also jam-packed with exercise tutorials and demonstrations led by their two resident expert coaches, Jennika and Chad. Both are experienced fitness coaches who write new workouts each week and are even available for questions via email.

This expert coaching shows Crossrope is incredibly supportive towards beginners. The app has more targeted content for beginners than any app I’ve reviewed, so it’s an excellent option for new exercisers or those new to jumping rope.

Crossrope Equipment Options

In addition to their app, Crossrope sells various jump rope styles, including classic, ropeless, and AMP. These ropes are available in four different weights, and you can also purchase a jump rope mat to prevent scuffing of floors or your ropes.

Each rope style can be purchased individually, or you can buy a bundle to save some money and have more training options. You can fill out a quiz on their website to help you determine which type of rope is best for you.

To get the premium experience, you’ll want to invest in the AMP handles, which require you to pay for the premium subscription, too. AMP is their Bluetooth-connect jump rope that counts your jumps and other metrics during your workouts or free jumping sessions.

The Crossrope app benchmarks your current fitness by collecting and saving your number of jumps, speed, and other data. This is helpful if you love seeing quantifiable progress for your hard work.

You can download the Crossrope app for iOS and Android devices from the App Store, Google Play, or the website and sync it with Apple Health.

Crossrope: Our Take
Bundles starting at $169


Best for jumping right in

  • Fun, engaging workouts
  • Inexpensive compared to other equipment + app products
  • 60-day risk-free trial

Crossrope App Pros & Cons

Crossrope is a fresh fitness app with loads of value. Jumping rope is a fun, highly challenging movement that will jack your heart rate and improve your coordination and overall fitness.

Crossrope Pros
  • Free Content
  • Unique, fun workouts
  • Great for at-home & travel
  • Good workout diversity
  • Affordable subscription
  • Exceptional quality jump ropes
  • Monthly & annual subscription options
Crossrope Cons
  • No real-time feedback from coaches
  • Lacks strength training
  • Most functionality requires AMP

Crossrope Standout App Features

Crossrope is an engaging fitness app and equipment company that offers jump rope workouts in addition to strength options. The app interface is sleek and easy to use, with loads of content available for free.

But the standout feature for me is how welcoming the Crossrope app is for beginners. Unlike some fitness apps that keep beginner content squirreled away in the margins, Crossrope presents it front and center.

From jump rope beginners to advanced athletes, the Crossrope app has a workout program for everyone and loads of helpful features.

High-Quality Equipment

Crossrope began as an answer to poor-quality jump ropes that frustrated founder Dave Hunt. During his time in the Navy, Hunt fell in love with jump rope workouts while on deployment but was constantly disappointed by his jump ropes breaking. So he decided to make his own.

While technically not required to use the free app, Crossrope recommends purchasing at least one of their rope options for the best results. Users rave about the high quality and durability of the ropes and handles and the ease of switching ropes.

Varied Workout Program Options

A surprising feature of the Crossrope app is how much variety and creativity they pack into its workout options. When you first hear ‘jump rope fitness app,’ it’s easy to envision a simple, minimalistic platform.

Crossrope delivers a variety of cardio, strength, and combination workout options that can hold their weight against other popular fitness apps. Some of their most popular programs include:


  • Six Pack Starter
  • Jump Rope and Kettlebell Intro
  • Upper Body Pump Up
  • Lean Legs
  • Core Crusher

Fat Loss

  • Fat Burning
  • Summer Slim Down
  • Daily 15 Extreme

Endurance and Overall Fitness

  • Full Body Conditioning
  • Low Impact Jumping
  • Endurance Booster

Speed and Skills

  • Speed Builder
  • Transitional Skills
  • Double Under Progression

Beginner Workouts

While many apps claim to offer workouts for all fitness levels, they’re often lacking in formal instruction required to learn and master new movements. Speed rope is a technical skill that can be intimidating, but the Crossrope app truly delivers on making it accessible for everyone.

With a whole section devoted to beginners in the app, including detailed video tutorials, workouts, programs, and explainers, Crossrope delivers considerable value for beginners.

Tutorials and Expert Coaches

Crossrope tutorials aren’t just for those new to jump rope.  Every workout and program comes with helpful videos with audio that explain the workout, offer tips on form, and encourage you along the way.

The two Crossrope coaches, Chad and Jennika, are certified personal trainers with a combined 10 years of experience in jump rope fitness. Both coaches offer friendly, accessible, practical advice throughout the videos.

Diverse Workout Library

Crossrope has an extensive library of over 2,000 workouts covering HIIT cardio, endurance, circuit training, interval training, and more. Each workout has detailed videos and form instructions so you can learn the rope skills and techniques safely.
Numerous Workout Filters

In the app, you can customize your experience using the app filter. You can browse classes by workout length, rope weight, exercise featured, type of rope, workout type, difficulty, or popularity. This ability to easily browse is a handy feature if you’re pressed for time or looking for a workout using a particular piece of equipment like a kettlebell or dumbbell. It’s also great when you’re sore and want to find an easier option to aid recovery.

Workout Tracking

Crossrope keeps all your fitness data in one place for easy comparison to assess your progress. You can find your number of jumps, workouts completed, challenge progress, and calories burned in your app dashboard.

Workout Benchmarks & Challenges

If you have the AMP handles and a premium subscription, you can also benchmark your workout stats, including jumps, streaks, speed, and power, to compete against yourself and track your progress from workout to workout.

Free and subscription members both get access to fun workout challenges and can collect badges when completing them. This creates a fun sense of healthy competition and accountability that will help you reach your goals.

Crossrope Community & Leaderboard

Crossrope has an active Facebook community where you can connect with fellow users and find encouragement and advice so you can stay motivated. Another fun app feature is the leaderboard, where you can see how you stack up against fellow Crossrope users.

Extra App Features

The Crossrope app has other fun extras like customizable workout alerts, Spotify playlists full of songs with the perfect beats per minute, and badges you collect after completing workout streaks and exercise challenges.

Who is Crossrope Best For?

Whether you’re new to jumping rope, you're looking to advance your jump roping skills, or you want to add a unique exercise to your workout routine, Crossrope is a great choice.

Crossrope is one of the view apps I’ve reviewed that genuinely works well for beginners and advanced exercisers.

This is because they’ve invested in robust and helpful content geared toward beginners, but because jumping rope can get very technical and offers a killer cardio workout, even skilled athletes will get great functionality from the Crossrope app.

Crossrope workouts are also easily scalable due to the wide variety of workout types, filters, and types of ropes available.

Crossrope offers an adaptable, highly varied workout regimen that is perfect for working out at home or on the go. If you choose to invest in the weighted jump ropes, you can have a portable, compact home gym that fits in your bag.

Jumping rope blasts calories, challenges your heart and lungs significantly, and is a high-impact activity that will help you build bone density too. For all these reasons, Crossrope is also a great fit for anyone looking to improve their cardiovascular fitness, burn fat, and learn how to jump rope.

Crossrope User Experience

Once you download the app, you’ll be transported to a platform that is sleek and user-friendly for the most part. The main filter categories are pinned to the top of the dashboard, and it’s easy to scroll through and browse class options, find challenges, and peruse the features.

The Crossrope user design is very intuitive, and I had no trouble finding what I was looking for. However, as is increasingly becoming the standard for fitness apps, if you sign up for the free version of the app, the dashboard has some sales pitches and attempts to upsell you to the AMP system. There is even a shop button affixed to the main navigation page.

But despite these minor experience gripes, the app is beloved among users and has fans far and wide.

With over 10,000 5-star reviews in the Apple store and an average rating of 4.8 stars, it’s clear that the Crossrope app is enjoyed by its users.

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Bonus: Jump Rope Safety Tips

Jumping rope–especially speed rope and double unders– are a bit more technical than other forms of exercise. But don’t let that intimidate you! Crossrope does an amazing job of teaching the basics.

No matter what type of jump rope moves you choose, you want to follow these tips to prevent injury.

1. Don’t skip the warm-up. Jumping rope is a higher-octane, high-impact exercise. You don’t to jump in without properly warming up.

2. Choose your surface & shoes carefully. Repetitive jumping, even from a low height, can lead to sore feet and even shin splints. Make sure you’re jumping rope on a softer surface (think grass vs asphalt) and opt for a more padded shoe if it’s comfortable.

3. Safety proof your space. Before jumping into your workout with two feet, make sure you have enough space to swing the rope without hitting anything, including the ceiling. This will prevent damage to your space and your rope.

Bottom Line

The Crossrope app offers a fun, fresh new way to work out, and when combined with their weighted jump ropes, you can use this app to hit all your fitness goals.

Crossrope is an excellent choice for exercisers of all fitness levels as they have ample content and instruction geared toward beginners but will challenge even the most advanced athletes too.

For the best user experience, you should invest in the premium subscription and a rope package with different rope weights.

You can opt for the limited free app version or try the premium subscription for free for 30 days.

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