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Fiit App Review

Fiit is a popular fitness app that offers a high-energy, group class atmosphere at home with a variety of workouts.

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Fiit (get your free 14-day trial here) provides the environment of a premium gym studio workout environment led by engaging instructors and with lots of workout variety. Classes are high-energy and taught by qualified group instructors who coach form and offer plenty of motivation through the workouts.

The Fiit app features workouts for every goal, including numerous cardio formats, kettlebell, dumbbell, bodyweight strength workouts, and many low-impact and recovery activities. From yoga to pilates and CrossFit-inspired sessions to workouts for runners–there is something here for almost everyone. Fiit also has complete workout programs to keep you focused on your goals and a fun teams feature where you can work out against your friends.

FIIT: Our Take
Starting at $6.99/mo


Best for workout variety

  • 1500+ workouts – all led by world-class trainers
  • Functional fitness, HIIT, AssaultBike, Tread, strength, yoga & more
  • 40+ training plans for every level and fitness goal

With 700+ individual free workouts (1,500 if you opt for a paid subscription) plus training plans to help you reach your goals, you really can get fit at home with the Fiit app.

Fiit workout classes are divided into three pillars: cardio, strength, and rebalance. These pillars include the following training styles:

  • Dumbbell strength
  • Kettlebell strength
  • HIIT
  • Bodyweight
  • Circuit training
  • Machine cardio
  • Functional movement
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Breathwork
  • Recovery

You don't need any equipment to work out with the Fiit app, but they do have classes with dumbbells, kettlebells, assault bikes, Ski ergs, spin bikes, and treadmills available to ultimate subscription holders.

You can try the Fiit app for free for 14 days; after that, it's one of the more affordable and high-quality apps on the market. Fiit has a free version of the app, which is actually quite good and can provide you with many weeks of starter content.

You can choose the essential or unlimited plan for their paid subscription. The essential plan is available for $8 per month or $80 yearly and includes access to 200 mat classes, 6 mat training plans, group classes, and basic performance metrics.

The unlimited plan is available for $20 monthly or $120 yearly. It includes all of the above plus their dumbbell and kettlebell strength classes, game mode, integration with 30+ devices, additional performance metrics and analytics, and exclusive workouts.

The Fiit app is compatible with Apple and Google Health, but only with a paid subscription. You can also sync your Fitbit, Apple Watch, or the Samsung Galaxy Watch and select Assault Fitness and Concept 2 cardio machines.

Once you choose your subscription, you'll answer four simple questions, including basic demographics, your goals, and the equipment you have available.

Next, a pop-up explicitly explains the details of your free trial and then a few crucial safety reminders. I love that both are included, as right off the bat, I feel like this brand has integrity and cares about me.

Fiit workouts range from 10 to 40 minutes, so they're great for busy professionals or parents who want to squeeze in a session at nap time. Their training programs are great if you have a specific fitness goal or just want more structure to your exercise routine.

Fiit only has live and on-demand classes and does not offer personalized coaching or workout selection. But if you have a group instructor you love, you can filter the classes by their name.

Fiit App Standout Features

The Fiit features that stand out the most to me in the crowded fitness app market are just how fun and energizing the group classes look and feel, the Fiit Teams and Club option, the significant variety of classes and programs available, and how good the free content is.

Energizing Group Class Atmosphere

Countless fitness apps offer workouts meant to mimic the fitness club experience, but few succeed. One who does nail the group class environment is Fiit.

The quality of their fitness studio, videos, and instructors is immediately apparent, and it makes a difference. From the noise to the music, it feels like you're in a studio class, making it easy to get lost in your workout.

Their instructors nail the perfect balance between amping you up and walking you through each exercise, making the classes less intimidating for even novice exercisers.

Fiit Teams & Club

Two neat offerings that the Fiit app has are Fiit Teams and Fiit Club, which allow you to find camaraderie and accountability with other app users.

Fiit Teams allows you to connect with other app users pursuing similar goals. You can join five training-style teams–Strength Titans, Mindful Movers, Health Hustlers, Fiit

Mums, and Cardio Crew–or you can create your own if you have a paid subscription. Teams can be public or private, so you can include just your friends if you desire.

Fiit Club adds another layer to the group atmosphere by allowing you to compete with other app users and earn points (based on your effort) displayed on the leaderboard.

You can filter your class search to find the classes that offer Fiit Club for some additional motivation to sweat with your friends with friendly competition.

Exercise & Program Variety

The most important feature of any fitness app to me is the exercise variety and quality. I don't want to have five different apps for every aspect of my fitness.

With a paid subscription, you can access over 1,500 workout classes plus 40 structured training programs tailored for almost any goal. An engaging and qualified fitness instructor leads each class, so you get quality instruction and an electric atmosphere.

Fiit classes cover cardio, strength, flexibility, and recovery, so you can get nearly all your workout needs in one place.

Quality Free Content

Some fitness apps offer 'free' content in a way that's designed to drive you up the wall and make your purchase their paid subscription. I'm happy to report that the free content on the Fiit app is high quality and could provide a month or more workouts for beginners.

What Does Fiit Track?

Within the Fiit app, what you can track depends on which subscription you have and which workout you are doing.

If you sync a compatible wearable device. If you purchase their heart rate monitor–the Fiit 2.0 Tracker–you can track your heart rate, calories burned, target heart rate zone, and rep count. You can also connect your own heart rate monitor if it's compatible.

If you participate in a live group class, you can see data from your wearables in the leaderboard, ranked against other class participants. You can also purchase an Assualt bike, treadmill, or Concept2 rower or bike for a fully connected fitness experience. With that, you can track your RPMs, calories burned, distance traveled, and more.

Is Fiit Easy to Use?

The Fiit app is super easy to use, and navigation is relatively intuitive.

Once you answer the four start-up questions, you're taken to your home menu. It's always a challenge for these apps to show off their massive exercise libraries without overwhelming the user, and I feel Fiit does a decent job with this.

You can explore their class and training program options from the menu and filter your search by workout duration, type, target body part or area, trainer, or fitness level.

Overall, the Fiit user interface is sleek and easy to navigate, and the exercises in group classes are easy to follow.

Who Is Fiit Best For?

The Fiit app offers tons of value at an affordable price, so it's an excellent option for many. Whether you want the boutique fitness experience without the hassle, you're a busy parent, or a remote worker–Fiit has many class types and training programs if you love exercising at home.

Many Fiit classes may be too intense for beginners or those with physical limitations, so make sure you progress at your own pace and release yourself from the mental pressure of keeping up with the instructor.

Like many at-home workout apps, Fiit does not have a ton of heavy strength training options, which are essential for building muscle, improving bone density, and improving your metabolism. So, if you're using Fiit for all your workout needs, make sure you add some heavy-weight training and plyometrics into the mix.

Fiit App Pros
  • Affordable
  • Fun, engaging trainers
  • Variety of classes & training styles
  • Lots of tech & tracker integrations
Fiit App Cons
  • Mostly intense workouts
  • 14-day free trial only
  • No personalized programming
  • No nutrition content

How Does Fiit Compare to Other Apps?

Fiit competes with other big-name fitness apps like Peloton and Les Mills+, which aim to provide a boutique fitness experience. Fiit offers a comparable group class atmosphere, excellent coaches, and loads of workout variety for less than those other popular brands.

App NamePrice MonthlyPrice AnnuallyTrial PeriodCompatibilityBest For
Fiit$8 or $20$80 or $12014 daysFitbit, Apple Watch, or the Samsung Galaxy WatchGroup fitness fanatics & home gym enthusiasts 
Les Mills+$10 or $20$60 or 12030 daysiOS & Android devicesGroup fitness fanatics who want variety & home gym enthusiasts
Peloton$13 or $24$129 or $24030 daysApple, Garmin watches, and other apps like MyFitnessPal, WeightWatchers, and LifesumGroup fitness (particularly cycling) fanatics & home gym enthusiasts 

What To Consider When Choosing A Fitness App?

Fitness apps are as unique as fitness goals, so you must choose the right one for you. Here are a few important considerations to bear in mind when you're comparing them.


Fitness app prices vary widely, but most cost between $10 to $20 per month. Most companies offer a discount if you purchase annually as well. When weighing your options, consider carefully how much use you expect from any one app. Are you expecting it to meet all your exercise needs? Or just a niche aspect of your overall fitness routine?

Programs & Exercises Offered

The single most crucial feature I compare when shopping for a fitness app is the type of workout and training programs offered. Most fitness platforms focus on cardio, body weight, and group class-type exercises. And while those can be super fun, remember that there are five elements to fitness we all must meet to be healthy:

  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Muscular strength
  • Muscular endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Body composition

Those workouts are fantastic at improving our cardiovascular and muscular endurance, but they won't do much to build muscular strength and size and dramatically improve your body composition. For those aspects of fitness, make sure you're lifting heavy weights through a full range of motion.

Coached vs. Self-guided Sessions

A crucial consideration when shopping for fitness apps is whether you will receive personalized fitness instruction and programming. Customized coaching is rare, and you're far more likely to find pre-recorded fitness classes.

If you're a serious weight lifter or are trying to change your body composition, opt for personalized training that offers additional support and guidance. Group classes are great for general fitness, but if you are serious about results, you want a tailored plan that addresses your individual needs.

Classes vs. Tutorials

Fitness apps that don't offer personalized coaching or AI-integrated form feedback come in two flavors: group classes where the instructor calls out form cues and integrated exercise tutorials. Both can be helpful, but generally, a visual exercise tutorial will offer better instruction and will be better for beginners learning the exercises for the first time.

Once you've nailed your form, you can enjoy group fitness classes confidently.

Metrics & Compatibility

There are many different metrics you can track in fitness apps. If you use wearables like the Apple Watch or Fitbit and value integration across all your devices, check compatibility before purchasing.

Bottom Line

Fiit is a fitness app that recreates the boutique group class atmosphere from home and offers lots of workout variety. With 1,500 classes and workouts, including dumbbell strength, HIIT, Pilates, and Yoga, you're sure to find something you love.

We recommend starting with their 14-day free trial to get a feel for the app before upgrading to a paid subscription.

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Fiit App FAQs

How does the Fiit app compare to the other fitness apps on the market?

Fiit offers the fun, high-energy boutique fitness class experience of other apps such as Peloton and Les Mills+ for less. With 700+ workouts and 20 training programs, you'll never get bored, and you'll get the support you need to stay on track.

Is the Fiit app suitable for beginners or better for advanced lifters?

While the app offers a few hundred workouts geared toward beginners, as a personal trainer, I'd say they are a bit advanced. I would never recommend a beginner start with metabolic conditioning or HIIT training, so proceed cautiously and modify workouts as needed.

Does the Fiit app offer any personalized guidance or support from fitness experts?

No, Fiit offers pre-recorded group, fitness-style classes. As such, you will not be overseen by a personal trainer, get personalized workouts, or form corrections. The coaches will call out form instructions and tips throughout the workouts, but it's up to you to follow them.