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Best Fitness Newsletters for Fitness Professionals

The IDEA Health & Fitness Association newsletter covers a variety of topics and is a favorite amongst fitness professionals.

Gym Owners & Fitness Professionals
8 min readMarch 11th, 2024
MKWritten By Michelle King


From biohacking to AI-powered workouts, the fitness world experiences new trends every day. If you want to continue attracting clients, you must stay up-to-date on industry changes. Fitness newsletters provide professionals with insights on the latest science, actionable workout strategies, and impactful business practices.

Looking for the best fitness newsletters to stay in the loop on industry updates? Explore our top picks for insightful options below.

Best Fitness Newsletters

Benefits of Professional Newsletters

Stay Up-to-Date On Trends

The worldwide health and fitness market is projected to grow 9.61% by 2027. With this growth will come a rise in new fitness tools, resources, and exercise modalities.

Dave Readle, Head of Social Media at The HIIT Company, says in the ever-evolving world of fitness, subscribing to newsletters is a "no-brainer for fitness pros."

"The fitness world moves fast,.” said Readle. “Newsletters help you keep up without having to dig around for info all the time."

Continual learning and growth are crucial in fitness. By staying updated through newsletters, professionals can hone their skills and adapt training techniques to meet the evolving needs of their clients.

Get Motivated

Motivation isn't just helpful for crushing workouts. It's also essential when running a business. Research shows that motivated individuals are 20% more productive than unmotivated ones. However, motivation is a finite resource. It's easy to become unengaged when you're feeling overwhelmed or uninspired.

Newsletters provide a dose of inspiration when you're in a rut. Reading the success stories of others in your industry or insights from industry experts can reignite your passion for fitness and provide a fresh perspective on your business.

Connect to a Community

Whether you're looking for a job or you're trying to grow your gym, networking is essential for fitness professionals. In fact, a study from the University of Erlangen Nuremberg found that networking directly impacted career success. Through online forums, networking events, and exclusive subscriber groups, fitness newsletters provide you the opportunity to connect with professionals across the world.

Head of Social Media at the HIIT Company, Dave Readle emphasizes this, saying, "Don’t just read these newsletters. Get involved. Comment, join discussions, or even reach out to contributors. And hey, if you’ve got something to say, why not pitch an article? Sharing your own experiences or tips not only feels great but can also put you on the map in the fitness community."

How to Choose a Newsletter

While newsletters offer numerous benefits, not all are created equal. If you want to avoid a crowded inbox full of useless content, it's important to subscribe to newsletters that actually bring value.

Keep the following considerations in mind when searching for the best newsletter for your needs.

Focus on Your Specialty

Whether you're a CrossFit coach or a yoga instructor, there are likely newsletters catering to your specific fitness niche. Selecting a newsletter tailored to your specialty ensures that the content you receive is relevant to your professional needs.

Consider How Want to Improve

Think about aspects of your professional practice that you're eager to improve. Whether you want to fine-tune your coaching techniques, deepen your understanding of nutrition science, or sharpen your business management skills, pinpointing areas for improvement can guide your newsletter selection process.

There are numerous newsletters available, each focusing on different facets of running a gym. Look for newsletters that cater to your business needs and provide strategies to help you tackle these areas.

Follow Experts

These days, it seems like anyone with a laptop and a passion for fitness considers themselves a "fitness expert." However, just because someone has a newsletter, doesn't make them reliable. To ensure you're receiving accurate information, select newsletters from reputable sources like recognized fitness associations, fitness publications, and industry experts.

Think About Budget

Some newsletters may require a subscription fee to access exclusive content. However, many provide valuable insights and resources for free. Before deciding which newsletters are worth following, consider your budget. If you're strapped for cash, opt for a free newsletter. This option still offers content that's comparable to paid versions without tapping into your wallet.

Individual Reviews
Free Newsletter

IDEA Health & Fitness Association

Best for personal trainers

  • Access to hundreds of quality online courses and certificates.
  • Build workout programs for clients using our exercise library
  • The award-winning Digital Fitness Journal is the gold-standard digital publication

For over 40 years the IDEA Health & Fitness Association has been the world's leading membership organization for fitness professionals. Through their numerous wellness publications, educational courses, and business tools, they help trainers and gym owners excel professionally.

While many of IDEA's resources require a paid membership to access, their newsletter is free and provides a wealth of knowledge.

"This one's a treasure trove, seriously," said Dave Readle, Head of Social Media at The HIIT Company. "It covers everything from the newest workout crazes to nutrition tips and business advice. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of fitness newsletters – you get a bit of everything, and it’s all super useful."

IDEA Newsletter Pros
  • Free
  • 40+ years of experience
  • Covers multiple topics
IDEA Newsletter Cons
  • Not specialty specific
  • Must pay for additional resources
Free newsletter

Fitt Insider

Best for fitness industry pros

  • Fitness industry interviews
  • Realtime fitness industry news
  • Fitness industry job postings

Founded by industry experts Anthony and Joe Vennare, Fitt Insider is a newsletter, podcast, and community of fitness industry icons. The community includes leaders from major fitness brands like Nike, Apple, Strava, and CrossFit.

As a yoga instructor and fitness journalist, Fitt Insider is my go-to resource for industry trends. From wearable tech to new fitness franchises, the newsletter covers a variety of updates that impact the business of fitness.
Looking for additional resources to help you grow in your career? Check out Fitt Capital for information on raising capital or Fitt Jobs for wellness career opportunities.

Fitt Insider Pros
  • Free
  • Free Additional Resources
  • Covers business and macro trends
  • No workout programming
Free Newsletter

Neural Network Newsletter

Best for health research

  • 500,000+ Subscribers
  • Scientific insights from Stanford professor Dr. Andrew Huberman

As a fitness professional, you've likely heard of neuroscientist and Stanford professor Andrew Huberman, Ph.D. Made famous by his podcast, The Huberman Lab, Dr. Huberman focuses on providing listeners with science-based tools for everyday life. Along with his popular podcast, Huberman also runs the Neural Network Newsletter, which covers many of the topics discussed in his podcast.

As a hardcore nerd and wellness enthusiast, I'm a huge fan of Huberman's content. I appreciate that the information he provides is backed by actual data, not vague wellness claims. While this newsletter is geared toward the general public, it provides a wealth of information fitness professionals can use to improve their clients' training.

  • Free
  • Free Podcast
  • Science-backed research
  • Created for general public
Free Newsletter

5-Reps Friday

Best for a Coaching Business

  • 72,000+ professionals subscribed
  • 2 business tips, 2 coaching concepts, and an inspirational quote

Founded by author and entrepreneur Johnathan Goodman, the 5-Reps Friday newsletter provides business tips, coaching concepts, and motivational quotes to inspire your business journey.

"This is your go-to for all things business in the world of personal training," says Readle. "If you're looking to level up your client list or just make your brand shine, this newsletter has got your back with solid advice and real-world strategies."

For additional free resources, check out Goodman's podcast, Obvious Choice, and coaching software, QuickCoach.

5-Rep Friday Pros
  • Free
  • Free Podcast
  • Quick Read
5-Rep Friday Cons
  • Lacks depth
Free Newsletter

Fitness Entrepreneur Insights

Best for Fitness Entrepreneurs

  • Topics relevant to running a business
  • In-depth content from industry experts

Business of Movement provides fitness entrepreneurs with coaching to improve productivity, boost visibility, and increase profitability. While one-on-one coaching can be incredibly impactful, it's also pretty expensive. So, if you're strapped for cash but still want expert guidance, check out the company's newsletter, Fitness Entrepreneur Insights.

From creative marketing tactics to unique sales strategies, this newsletter offers tips for entrepreneurs ready to expand their businesses. One listener testimonial showcased on the site highlights the benefits of this podcast, saying, "As a boutique studio owner, the topics discussed are always relevant to my business and my needs as an entrepreneur. Their insightful approach and unique perspective consistently improve how I serve my community.”

  • Free
  • Business insights
  • Expensive additional resources
  • Doesn’t cover workout programming

Join Gym Finder

Best for gym owners

  • Reach thousands of people searching for gyms
  • Increase your memberships
  • Verify your listing for free to maximize its impact

All too often, wellness content takes an all-or-nothing approach. While challenges like 75Hard may seem like a flex on social media, they aren't sustainable for the long haul. GymBird's newsletter helps readers build sustainable habits that are enjoyable and easy to incorporate into their lives.

For additional business guidance, check out GymBird's articles for Gym and studio owners. These resources cover a variety of topics, from how to open a gym to guidance on gym equipment financing.

  • Free
  • Free articles
  • Access to Gym Finder tool

Compare Best Newsletters for Fitness Professionals

NewslettersPrice Frequency Topics Covered Additional Resources 
IDEA Health & Fitness Association NewsletterFree MonthlyWorkout tips, nutrition, business advice Yearly Membership
Fitt Insider FreeWeekly Tech trends, Industry business insightsFitt Jobs, Fiit Capital
Neural Network NewsletterFree Monthly Scientific health researchHuberman Lab podcast
The PTDC NewsletterFree Weekly Business & coaching The Obvious Choice podcast
Fitness Entrepreneur Insights Free Monthly Business strategies Coaching 
GymBird FreeBi-Weekly Practical fitness advice Free articles 

Bottom Line

Our number one pick for a fitness newsletter for fitness pros is the IDEA Health and Fitness Association newsletter.

Newsletters can help you stay ahead of fitness trends and provide priceless insights for growing your business. When searching for a newsletter, consider areas you want to grow professionally and subscribe based on these goals. Whether you're looking for industry updates, science-backed health research, or business strategies, there's a newsletter out there tailored to your needs.


How can I ensure the content in a fitness newsletter is scientifically accurate?

Look for newsletters that cite their sources. Reliable sources should either be linked throughout the text, listed at the bottom of the newsletter or linked throughout their blog content. As a fitness journalist, I look for the following sources when evaluating claims made in content.

  • Published research
  • Health websites sponsored by the federal government
  • Academic medical institutions
  • Medical and healthcare organizations

What should I look for in a newsletter to find innovative workout ideas?

Look for newsletters that explore the latest fitness research or workout trends. Exploring emerging exercise modalities and science-backed exercise hacks can help you keep workouts interesting and effective for your clients.

Here are a few innovative workout ideas I've recently discovered and incorporated into my own workout routine.

What type of content should I expect from a newsletter?

Each newsletter is different and the types of content will vary. Some will provide paragraphs of text that resemble an essay while others offer a list of bulleted stats or links to educational content on their website.

When choosing a newsletter, consider your preferred reading style. If you enjoy kicking back with a cup of coffee and have thirty minutes to read, longer newsletters may be a great fit. But, if you only have five minutes to scan through content, consider a newsletter that offers a few key takeaways.

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