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Best Kettlebells 2023: Which Ones Do Trainers Recommend?

The best kettlebells are durable and made from high-quality materials, with an excellent grip. You can use a single kettlebell to build strength, mass, and achieve killer conditioning. But all kettlebells are not created equal.

8 min readOctober 24th, 2023


That’s why we tested the best kettlebells on the market and came up with our top five choices for overall performance, beginners, strength training, cardio, and functional fitness.

This guide covers all the essential features to consider when comparing kettlebells, including weight, price, coating, handle style, and balance. I provide detailed reviews and comparisons and my tips on building the perfect kettlebell routine.

Best Kettlebell for Every Goal

Kettlebells have gained popularity due to the rise of CrossFit as well as the Functional Fitness movement. They’re a fantastic training tool for home gyms in particular because they are compact, durable, and can be used for various strength and conditioning styles.

How to Choose a Kettlebell

When purchasing a kettlebell, there are a few things you need to consider beyond the weight range and price choices.

First and foremost, do you want a competition or non-competition kettlebell? Most commercial gyms have non-competition bells, which are cast iron and have a handle wider than the bell body. 

Competition kettlebells look much different with smaller handles and a regulated design, so every bell, no matter the weight, has the same dimensions.

These bells look and feel very different, so test out a few at a gym before purchasing.

Weight Range

If you only plan on purchasing one kettlebell, you must pick a weight that will be challenging but not impossible.

While we know there are huge strength and performance variations within, between, and outside genders, experts estimate the following weights are a good starting point for men and women.

Men new to KB training: Start with a kettlebell 30 to 35 lb

Women new to KB training: Start with a kettlebell between 15 to 26 lb


The price of your kettlebell will depend directly on its weight as they are sold by cost per pound. Sorry, strong friends!

The kettlebells on this list range from $15 to $595. The good news is that kettlebell training is maximally efficient, so you can get an excellent total body workout plan with one adequately heavy bell.

Shipping Options

One sneaky cost of purchasing kettlebells that’s easy to forget about is the shipping cost. Some companies have generous shipping policies, while others come with hefty shipping fees, so research before buying.


One of the hotly debated topics in the kettlebell training world is which coating is best. There are die-hard fans in all camps and companies innovating with new options all the time, but which you prefer is a personal choice.

Many kettlebells are cast iron and come coated in paint, powder, or a new option called e-coating. Each type of coating has a different feel, grip, and durability.

E-coating is the newest variation and is more durable than powder and paint and lasts much longer. However, it provides a more slick grip with sweaty hands, so many prefer powder coating for its superior grip.

As with any piece of strength equipment, your mileage will vary for how rough you want the coating to feel in your hands, so try them out if possible.

Handle Style

Another kettlebell feature to consider is handle style. Traditional cast-iron handles are pretty thick and can leave your pinkies feeling crushed when you grip it for a conventional kettlebell swing. Competition kettlebells have a smaller diameter handle, which is easier to grip with small hands.


Kettlebells are inherently unbalanced as the ball is heavy and the handle is light. That said, kettlebell balances can vary between styles, with competition bells being the most balanced.

An unbalanced kettlebell is not necessarily bad, though, and can lead to a more challenging workout, so just one more feature to consider.

Achieving My Fitness Goals: How Kettlebells Became My Secret Weapon

Back in my college days, I was a competitive powerlifter, personal trainer, and exercise science student. My life revolved around fitness, and I had a blast.

I had endless time to work out and trained 5 to 6 days per week. I was jacked. Life was great.

But then, a tale as old as time, life happened, and I was blown off course. A whole career, a second degree, and life stresses piled on, and I no longer worked out… for years.

How could this happen? I had all the knowledge! I knew all the things!

It turns out that what I was missing was not knowledge– it was a program that fit my current life, not the life of a college student.

Whenever I would try to get back in the gym, I’d attempt to follow my lengthy powerlifting routine, and I was just too stressed and pressed for time to stick with it. This led to a cycle of starting a routine with the best intentions, only for me to feel like a failure when I couldn’t stick with it.

I needed a new type of strength training that was highly efficient but still fun. That’s when I discovered kettlebells. Suddenly, lifting was fun again, and I could get in a great strength session–plus some cardio conditioning–in half the time.

I particularly love kettlebell training when I have to lift during peak gym hours, and I don’t want to wait in line for coveted equipment like the squat rack or leg press.

Instead, I can get a killer leg day with high-volume goblet squats, RDLs, and lunges using kettlebells.

If you’re pressed for time and want maximum efficiency without compromising effectiveness, try kettlebell training.

Each kettlebell was selected based on affordability, weight range, standout features, finish, and handle style. I also evaluate each kettlebell based on my personal experiences, company reputation, and details from customer reviews and industry experts.

Individual Reviews
Starting at $34.95

Onnit Kettlebells

Best Overall Kettlebell

This classic line of kettlebells from the well-known fitness equipment company is an all-around winner.

These kettlebells are gravity-cast for durability and longevity and powder-coded to provide maximum grip. They’re even color-coded, so finding what you need mid-workout is easy.

These kettlebells feel sturdy and have a good grip due to the textured finish. No matter how hard I swung it, it felt secure in my hands.

At an affordable price, you cannot go wrong with the Onnit Kettlebell line, and they are my overall best pick.

Onnit Kettlebell Pros
  • Chip-resistant powder finish
  • Color-coded
  • Traditional kettlebell styling
  • Flat bottom for easy storage
Onnit Kettlebell Cons
  • Smallest KB is 6 kg
Starting at $13.49

REP Kettlebells

Best for beginners

  • Wide weight range
  • Various finishes to suit your preference
  • Color coded weights

The REP kettlebells are my top choice for beginners for a few reasons.

These kettlebells have a considerable weight range, starting at just 1 kg or 2.2 lb. This is a huge advantage for beginners, as most kettlebell brands have weights that start much higher. This is also a big plus for anyone looking to add kettlebells to their rehab or physical therapy program.

The REP brand is affordable and therefore accessible to people.

With a flat base and the traditional cast-iron kettlebell styling, they are easy to store and use.

The REP kettlebells each have their weight in kilograms and pounds on each bell. This is particularly handy for new lifters who haven’t yet mastered the kilo-to-pound mental math.

REP Kettlebell Pros
  • Large weight range
  • Labeled in kg and lb
  • Color-coded
  • Traditional kettlebell styling
  • Very affordable
REP Kettlebell Cons
  • Smooth finish has worse grip
  • Size varies by weight
Starting at $31.99

Kettlebell Kings

Best for strength training

  • Wide range of kettlebell styles
  • Wide range of kettlebell weights
  • Adjustable kettlebell options

Kettlebell Kings indeed wear the crown for serious strength athletes and kettlebell competitors.

While significantly more expensive than their competitors, Kettlebell Kings easily argues that you get what you pay for when it comes to strength equipment.

These bells are single-cast, meaning the steel is poured into a single mold instead of attaching the handle later. This creates a more durable kettlebell.

Their bells also display both pounds and kilograms and are color-coded by weight.

Best of all, they are powder coated for superior grip no matter how sweaty you get.

What makes Kettlebell Kings stand above the crowd is their lifetime warranty, free shipping in the US, and excellent customer service.

Surprisingly, not many companies offer any kind of warranty, so their lifetime warranty on the structural integrity of their kettlebells is impressive.

Free shipping is also very generous as most items ship by weight, which can lead to some very expensive additional costs for strength equipment.

And inevitably, things go wrong sometimes when shipping bulky or heavy items, so it’s great to see a company that stands by its products and has a customer service department available to solve those problems as they arise.

Kettlebell Kings Pros
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Single cast
  • Powder coating
  • Free shipping
  • Weights are stamped, not painted
  • Labeled in kg and lb
Kettlebell Kings Cons
  • Expensive
  • Size varies by weight
Starting at $25

Rogue Kettlebells

Best for functional training & CrossFit

  • Color-coded weights
  • Multiple styles available
  • Wide weight range
  • Add-on weight plates available

Rogue is a massive name in CrossFit, so it was no surprise when they came out with a well-received kettlebell line.

Available in 4 to 70 kg, these traditional cast iron kettlebells are crafted in the USA and finished with an e-coating that increases the bell’s durability and makes it easy to clean.

Rogue Kettlebells are also single-cast, creating a highly durable piece of strength equipment.

They offer an excellent value and overall solid product for functional fitness fanatics and CrossFitters alike.

Rogue Kettlebell Pros
  • Single cast
  • Affordable
  • E-coating for finish
  • Labeled in kg and lb
  • Made in the USA
  • Various accessories to improve utility of your home gym
Rogue Kettlebell Cons
  • Smooth finish has worse grip
Starting at $29.99

Bells of Steel Kettlebells

Best for cardio workouts

  • Traditional & uniform size options available
  • Color options available
  • Adjustable kettlebell available
  • Pre-selected sets for purchase

Competition kettlebells are in a class all their own, and they’re perfect for cardio conditioning workouts.

The Bells of Steel competition kettlebell sets the standard due to its ergonomic, perfectly balanced design featuring a hollow core. The hollow core provides unbeatable balance throughout your workout, no matter what exercise you do.

Another element of these bells that I love (a feature of all competition kettlebells) is that they are a uniform size, no matter the weight, unlike traditional cast iron kettlebells, which get bigger as the weight goes up.

Because they are built for kettlebell sport competition, these bells have a smaller handle diameter, which is great for smaller hands and those working on building grip strength.

Bells of Steel kettlebells come with a lifetime warranty and free shipping, making them a superior brand in the industry.

While these bells are on the pricier side, their value, service, and delivery clearly warrant this price difference.

Bells of Steel kettlebell Pros
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Gravity cast
  • Competition style
  • Uniform Size
  • Small handle diameter
  • Free shipping
Bells of Steel kettlebell Cons
  • Uncommon design
  • Expensive
KettlebellPriceWeight RangeCoatingGrip Type 
Onnit$35 to $1356 to 32 kg (13 to 70 lb)PowderTextured
REP$15 to $1901 to 48 kg (2.2 to 106 lb)PaintSmooth
Kettlebell Kings$60 to $4254 to 92 kg (9 to 203 lb)PowderTextured
Rogue $30 to $5954 to 70 kg (20 to 154 lb)E-coatSmooth
Bells of Steel$50 to $4704 to 48 kg (9 to 106 lb)SteelSmooth

Bottom Line

Our pick for best overall kettlebells is Onnit Kettlebells. We love that these kettlebells are so durable with a chip resistant power finish. These kettlebells are designed in a way that’s accessible and easy for most people to pick up and use. The flat- bottom design makes storage a cinch. These are affordable kettlebells that offer fantastic value.

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Kettlebell FAQs

Are there any kettlebells suitable for different types of workouts, such as cardio vs. strength?

Kettlebell workouts are all designed to be full-body and incorporate elements of strength, stability, balance, and conditioning. So every workout can have elements of both.

However, if you plan on competing in kettlebell sport–a competition focused more on the conditioning/cardio side of the equation–you’ll want to purchase a competition kettlebell.

These bells are uniform in size, have hollow cores for exceptional balance, and have a smaller handle diameter. Their design makes them easier to swing quickly and efficiently, superior for cardio conditioning workouts.

Can kettlebells be used for rehabilitation purposes?

Yes, kettlebells can undoubtedly be used for rehabilitation and physical therapy purposes. Just be sure to find a bell that is light enough to be safe regarding your physical limitations, and consult your healthcare professional before starting a new exercise program.

Can kettlebell workouts help with weight loss or fat loss?

Yes, kettlebells can certainly help with weight loss and fat loss. Kettlebell training can help you get fitter and build muscle, changing how your body looks and helping create a calorie deficit.

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