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FLYBIRD Pro Weight Bench Review: Is FLYBIRD a Good Brand?

The FLYBIRD Pro Weight Bench is durable, easy to adjust, and offers a high weight capacity.

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MKWritten By Michelle King


If you want to level up your at-home workouts, an adjustable weight bench is an excellent investment. From bench presses to tricep dips, weight benches support a variety of movements, helping create a well-rounded strength routine.

On the hunt for a quality weight bench that's easy to adjust? We tested the FLYBIRD Pro Weight Bench. Check out our honest review below.

How I Use Adjustable Weight Benches to Help Me Reach My Fitness Goals

For years, an adjustable weight bench wasn’t a tool I thought I needed. In my mind, weight benches were reserved for powerlifting athletes who frequently performed bench presses. But soon after purchasing our first home, my husband (an avid lifter) was eager to create our garage gym and purchased an adjustable weight bench. I soon discovered that this workout tool expanded my range of exercises, enabling me to add more variety to my workouts.

Adjustable weight benches provide a versatile platform to perform a variety of movements safely and effectively. As someone who suffers from lower back pain and struggles with movements like bent over rows, the adjustable bench has been a game-changer.

By utilizing the bench to perform chest-supported incline rows, I can train my back without putting excessive stress on my lower back. This helps prevent further injury and allows me to continue strengthening my back muscles effectively. Aside from chest-supported rows, I use the weight bench for other movements, including tricep dips, step-ups, seated shoulder presses, Bulgarian split squats, and dumbbell pullovers.

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How to Choose an Adjustable Weight Bench

Depending on your chosen brand, adjustable weight benches can be a significant investment, some costing over $1,000. So, selecting a quality option that can withstand years of workouts and support your fitness goals is essential. That's why we kept the following considerations in mind when testing the FLYBIRD Pro Weight Bench.

Ease of Adjustability

Adjustable benches use one of two adjustment mechanisms: pull pins or ladder adjustment systems. In the middle of your workout, the last thing you want to hassle with is a weight bench that's difficult to adjust.

For optimal ease of use, we recommend looking for a bench that uses a ladder system. Ladder systems are typically easier to use and more durable than pull pins.

Weight Capacity

Before investing in a bench, it's important to ensure it can handle the weight you plan to lift. Equipment manufacturers typically list their product's maximum weight capacity in the product description. This number refers to the highest weight the bench can safely support during use. When choosing a bench, check that the equipment can safely support your weight plus the max weight you plan on lifting.


Depending on your gym setup, you may need a bench that you can easily move. Portable benches include features like a handle or wheels, allowing you to pull them to more convenient locations.

Stability & Durability

A wobbly bench is a workout hazard. When choosing an adjustable workout bench, opt for stable and durable options that won't move while you exercise. Features like foot levers for uneven ground can keep your bench solid on a variety of surfaces, while equipment made from high-quality material like steel or heavy-duty plastic ensures your bench will be safe to use for years to come.


Working out can be challenging. Don't make it harder on yourself by choosing an uncomfortable lifting surface. When looking for a weight bench, opt for options that are soft, supportive, and stable. Weight bench padding should be at least 2-3" thick.

FLYBIRD Pro Weight Bench: Our Take
Starting at $228.99

FLYBIRD Pro Weight Bench

Best for heavy duty adjustable bench on a budget

  • Sturdy design and high capacity for heavy lifting
  • Wheels to move easily
  • 7 Back options
  • 3 Seat options
  • 1100 lbs. capacity

For over 20 years, FLYBIRD Fitness has designed and produced quality workout equipment at an affordable price. While they sell a variety of gear, they’re primarily known for their weight bench.

User Reviews

Earning 4.9 out of 5 stars on FLYBIRD’s website, the Pro Weight Bench received overwhelmingly positive user feedback. Reviewers cited that the bench was easy to assemble in ten to twenty minutes.

Users noted that they appreciated the bench’s sturdy design and were pleased with the high quality given the affordable price point. A few noted that they wished the bench had a handle to make it easier to move around. However, the product’s wheels made repositioning fairly easy.

What The GymBird Team Liked

Impressed by FLYBIRD's positive reviews, GymBird's co-founders, Ashley Walton and Brett Pharis, decided to test the Pro Weight Bench for themselves. The bench arrived in good shape and was easy to assemble, taking about twenty minutes.

After assembly, Brett and Ashley were impressed by the bench's quality. Constructed with commercial-grade steel, the FLYBIRD Pro Weight Bench has a weight capacity of 1100 lbs and accommodates a variety of weightlifting exercises. The bench offers versatility with its six back positions, three seat positions, and the ability to decline.

Ashley and Brett found the ladder adjustment system intuitive, allowing for seamless transitions between different bench configurations. For added comfort and support, the bench has breathable 2.5" padding and a wide seat.

What The GymBird Team Did Not Like

While the FLYBIRD Pro Weight Bench was easy to assemble, Ashley and Brett noted that the nuts and bolts were tricky to remove from the packaging. These items were in a hard plastic container that required a box cutter to get them out.

Additionally, the instructions were unclear about which size washers were required in different areas of the bench, and the diagram was small. So, before assembling the FLYBIRD Pro Weight Bench, come prepared with glasses and a boxcutter.

FLYBIRD Pro Weight Bench Pros
  • 7 back adjustments
  • 3 seat adjustments
  • 1100 lb weight capacity
  • Durable & Sturdy
  • Comfortable, wide seat
FLYBIRD Pro Weight Bench Cons
  • No handle for moving easily
  • Hard to remove packaging around tools and hardware

Who is the FLYBIRD Pro Weight Bench Best For?

The FLYBIRD Pro Weight Bench is an excellent option for at-home lifters who value versatile equipment. With its high weight capacity and multiple seat and back positions, this workout tool expands the variety of movements users can perform at home.

Who is the FLYBIRD Pro Weight Bench Not Best For?

If you're looking for a simple bench design that's budget-friendly, there may be better options than the FLYBIRD Pro Bench. While this bench is affordable compared to other adjustable bench options, FLYBIRD creates flat benches for a lower cost.

Powerlifters looking for extra stability may want to explore flat bench options. While the FLYBIRD Pro Bench is sturdy and has a high weight capacity, many powerlifters prefer the added stability of a flat weight bench. Flat weight benches feature a simpler construction, with the entire frame made from one solid piece of steel. This design eliminates weak points and instability during heavy lifting, offering a reliable platform for rigorous workouts.

Compare Best Weight Benches

Weight BenchPrice Maximum WeightAdjustment Mechanism Warranty 
FLYBIRD Pro Weight Bench$228.991100lbsLadder2 years 
REP AB-4100 Adjustable Weight Bench$399.99700lbsLadder10 years 
Titan Elite Series Single Post Flat Bench $169.991,000lbs None 1 year 
BowFlex 5.1S Stowable Bench$349600lbs Pull Pins 30 years
NordicTrack Workout Bench $299300lbs Pull Pins 30 Days 

Apps for The FLYBIRD Pro Weight Bench

Looking for some workout apps to help you make the most out of your new weight bench? Below are a few of our favorite exercise apps for strength training.


Future is a personal training app that provides customized programs based on your preferences, fitness goals, current ability, and equipment access.


Fitbod uses artificial intelligence to create tailored workouts and recovery plans.


Started by Chris Hemsworth, Centr offers a variety of workout plans led by expert trainers.


Aaptiv offers over 7,000 audio-guided workouts, catering to a variety of exercise preferences.


Whether you want to track your reps or utilize an expertly crafted lifting plan, Jefit helps lifters optimize their workouts.

Bottom Line

Adding a weight bench to your home gym expands the variety of exercises you can include in your workout routine. If you're on the hunt for a quality option that's supportive and easy to use, we recommend the FLYBIRD Pro Weight Bench. This reasonably priced option has a high maximum weight, allowing users to lift heavy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What assembly tools do you need to set up the weight bench?

The FLYBIRD Pro Weight Bench comes with most of the tools you need for setup, including hardware, an Allen key, and a wrench. We recommend grabbing a box cutter before starting since the packaging is tricky to open.

Can the bench be adjusted for both incline and decline exercises?

Yes, it can incline to 90 degrees and features a slight decline when the support arm is removed.

Are there any warranties or guarantees with the bench?

FLYBIRD offers a two-year warranty on all workout equipment and accepts returns within 30 days.

Does the bench come with any accessories for added workout variety?

FLYBIRD shoppers can purchase bundles containing the Pro Weight Bench with Adjustable Dumbbells or the Pro Weight Bench with the Eco-Friendly Weight Set. If you're looking to expand your home gym, a FLYBIRD buddle may be a great option.

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