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PushPress Review: The Ultimate Gym Management Solution

PushPress provides gym owners with an all-in-one gym management tool to streamline operations and improve their customers’ experience.

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MKWritten By Michelle King


Overwhelmed by the complexities of running a gym? PushPress's gym management software simplifies management tasks and provides owners with the tools they need to take their business to the next level. Read on to discover how PushPress can eliminate common gym management challenges.

PushPress Gym Management Software Overview

Founded by fitness professionals who recognized the challenges of running a gym, PushPress was designed to reduce manual tasks without charging customers an arm and a leg. The software is user-friendly for owners, staff, and clients, making it easier to learn than complex gym management solutions.


Features for Gym Owners

Repetitive administrative tasks like organizing staff schedules, contacting prospects and managing payroll can deplete your most valuable resources: time and energy. PushPress automates administrative functions, enabling you to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Features for Gym Staff

Some health clubs have trouble keeping their staff happy and engaged. A revolving door of new staff can negatively impact your members' experience and become a costly expense for gym owners. According to the Association of Talent Development, training a new employee costs $1,252. Owners can reduce the costs associated with new hires by improving employee retention.

PushPress offers features designed to reduce repetitive tasks like client check-ins and schedule management. This gives your trainers more time to focus on areas they’re passionate about like helping clients improve their health. Research shows that employees value a sense of purpose at work. PushPress gives your team more time to focus on tasks that truly make a difference, helping reduce employee turnover.

Features for Gym Members

Most gyms and health clubs will lose 50% of new members within their first six months. PushPress helps you avoid becoming a negative statistic and keeps members around for the long haul by improving your customer's experience. Offering features like seamless check-ins, member portals with weekly class schedules, and the ability to reserve classes online, PushPress takes the hassle out of hitting the gym.

Features offered in PushPress's Core program include the following:

  • Automated Billing
  • Selling Retail
  • Sign Up Forms
  • Lead Tracking
  • Client Check-Ins
  • Client-Facing Weekly Schedule
  • Class Reservations
  • Attendance History
  • Staff Calendar Syncing
  • Daily Priorities Dashboard
  • Digital Waivers
  • Identifying At-Risk Members
  • Visual Business Performance Reports
  • Current and Forecasted Income
  • Staff Payroll
  • Client Data


You likely use multiple tools to keep your gym running smoothly, so don't opt for a gym management solution that can't integrate with other systems. PushPress is the only gym management software that seamlessly integrates with third-party apps. This grants you the flexibility to create a customized gym management solution that offers necessary tools without paying for features you won't use.

Integrations frequently used by gym owners include Slack, Zapier, Facebook Ads, and Mailchimp.


PushPress offers flexible payment plans designed to accommodate a variety of budgets, from a free version to versions for mid-size and larger gyms.

Free Version

PushPress's free program is tailored to smaller gyms and studios looking to streamline operations without breaking the bank. This cost-effective option offers basic features like unlimited leads, management of up to 100 members, and management of up to two staff members.

Pro Version

For midsize gyms aiming for a more comprehensive solution, PushPress offers the Pro Version at $159 per month. This plan includes advanced features beyond the Free Program like payroll management and additional external integrations to enhance the overall functionality.

Max Version

Designed for larger gyms with more extensive needs, the Max Version is PushPress's most comprehensive option at $229 per month. This plan offers an array of advanced features, including extensive integration options, advanced analytics, and the ability to manage unlimited staff and members.

PushPress: Our Take
Pro starting at $159/mo


Best for all around gym operations

  • Many direct integrations with tools you already use
  • Sign up forms to convert new members
  • Sell product via your website
  • Automated billing

PushPress Standout Features

Member App

PushPress's member app simplifies fitness management for your clients.The app allows users to view and reserve classes, giving them complete control of their workout schedule. Users can integrate booked classes directly into their calendars for added organization and planning.

For members to access all the app's unique features, you'll need to invest in PushPress's workout tracking solution, Train. This add-on integrates with your gym management software, allowing members to login and view workouts using the member app.

Staff App

The PushPress Staff App streamlines administrative tasks and simplifies gym staff communication. With member details accessible in one centralized location, staff can efficiently manage and engage with members by calling, texting, or emailing them directly from the app.

The tool's Kiosk Mode simplifies check-ins by allowing clients to check-in from an iPhone or iPad, eliminating the need for additional front-desk staff. The connected platform also allows team members to manage reservations and effortlessly monitor attendance.

By consolidating communication in one place, the Staff App ensures that staff members are on the same page, making decisions faster and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Data Migration

Switching to a new gym management software system can feel a bit overwhelming. To ease transition hurdles, PushPress offers data migration. Simply add your member data to PushPress's template (this takes about 20 minutes), and the PushPress team will take care of the rest.

Payment Processing

To keep your gym's doors open, you must have a method to collect payments. PushPress ensures you never miss out on a payment with automated billing. The software allows you to customize invoices for each member and send out payment reminders. If a client's payment information is out of date, the software will send them a secure link, making it easy to provide updated information quickly.

Additional Add-Ons & Platforms

PushPress Train

The PushPress Train platform integrates with PushPress Core and helps you improve members' workout experience. The platform makes it easy for coaches to schedule and distribute workouts and track member progress. For a more personalized experience, Train allows coaches to create custom programs, benchmarks, and exercise videos.

PushPress Grow

You can offer the trendiest classes and employ the most qualified trainers, but if no one knows your gym exists, your business won't succeed. That's why PushPress created Grow, the ultimate tool for gym marketing and lead generation.

PushPress Grow helps ensure the right people hear about your gym while engaging prospects who have already shown interest. Gym owners can use Grow to create customized local search-optimized websites that enhance visibility and attract potential members. Grow also grants owners access to a configurable CRM that gathers contact information, automates lead nurturing tasks, and customizes communication.

PushPress Branded App

Branding is essential if you want to attract and retain customers. In fact, 68% of companies report that brand consistency has contributed up to 20% of their revenue growth. PushPress helps provide your members with a consistent branded experience through their Branded App.

From personalizing your app's icons to creating a unique home screen background, PushPress works with owners to create a branded app designed to engage members.

PushPress Customer Reviews

With an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars on G2, gym owners provide overwhelmingly positive feedback in their PushPress reviews. Many cite that they appreciate how easy the software is to use while others tout the benefits of PushPress add-ons like the Branded App and PushPres Grow.

George Yang, founder of Yarne Fitness, has seen PushPress positively impact his business's operations, saying, "We saw a significant improvement in operational efficiency at Yanre Fitness' facility after putting PushPress into place. The automatic billing feature of the system enhanced cash flow and greatly decreased human mistakes. Better tracking of preferences and attendance was also made possible by improved member administration tools, which resulted in more individualized services and happier customers.

By adding 50 additional long-term sign-ups over the course of six months, this integration increased membership retention and reduced billing mistakes by about 30 occurrences per month. It demonstrates how significantly PushPress has affected both our customer happiness and financial accuracy."

Who is PushPress Best For?

Empowering over 2,000 gyms worldwide, PushPress was designed to serve a variety of fitness studios. While the platform can accommodate gyms of any size, their reviews shine strongest among small to mid-sized gyms.

While smaller facilities may be their bread and butter, PushPress can adapt and grow with your business, helping you scale from one member to 300+ members.

PushPress Pros
  • Free option
  • Multiple integrations
  • Easy-to-Use software
  • Member & staff engagement tools
  • Payment processing
PushPress Cons
  • Advanced features cost more
  • Needs internet connectivity
  • Does not accept digital wallets

How Does PushPress Compare to Other Tools?

Tool NameStarting Price Trial PeriodAverage G2 RatingBest For
PushPressFree None 4.9Small-Mid Sized gyms
GLOFOX$110None 4.5Boutique Studios 
TrueCoach $19.9914-day free trial4.7Personal Trainers
Wodify$99None 4.4Crossfit Gyms$239None4.5Small-Mid Sized gyms
Zen Planner$99 15-day free trial 4.4Martial Arts Studios 

What to Consider When Choosing Gym Management Software

Gym management software should simplify running your business, not give you a headache. A solution that works great for one gym may not be the best option for yours, causing more problems than it solves. Ensure you’re choosing the best option for your facility by keeping the following considerations in mind.

Ease of Use

The best software is intuitive, user-friendly, and minimizes the learning curve for both gym owners and staff. A system that is easy to navigate streamlines daily operations, allowing you to focus more on your members and less on mastering complex software. Most companies offer product demos, providing a better sense of the software's complexity before you commit.


Prioritize all-in-one solutions that cater to your gym's unique needs. This likely includes features that streamline tasks like class scheduling and billing as well as customizable options like branded apps and websites.

Customer Support

If you run into a challenge with your gym management software, you don't want to wait hours for help. Opt for a solution that provides responsive support through various channels, including phone and email assistance. Your software system should also offer comprehensive online help resources like tutorials and FAQs to address common questions and guide you through potential challenges.

Bottom Line

If you're on the hunt for a solution that simplifies gym operations, consider signing up for PushPress. Their easy-to-use software not only streamlines your day, but it also improves the experience of both your staff and your clients. Unsure if PushPress is the best software for you? Schedule a demo to learn more about their gym management solution.

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