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Peloton Workout Programs: Our Comprehensive Workout Guide

Peloton is the wildly popular fitness brand that found fame through its fun and challenging cycling classes, but did you know the Peloton app offers loads of other workout programs, too?

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3 min readAugust 16th, 2023


In addition to their high-energy stationary bike workouts, the Peloton app also offers  strength training, Pilates, Barre, Boxing, and more.

Workout Programs from Peloton

Check out the Peloton app if you want one fitness app to provide all your workout needs. While you can't beat the boutique cardio class energy delivered by their electric instructors, there's much more to this app than that.

Cycling, Running, Rowing

You cannot talk about Pelton without mentioning its cardio classes and high-quality home fitness machines. Whether you choose a stationary bike, treadmill, or rower, Peloton delivers on quality.

Peloton cardio classes cannot be beaten. There are thousands of class options led by an array of engaging, fun (and sometimes raunchy) fitness pros, and each cardio class is a killer sweat session.

Peloton's cardio workouts and programs can't be beaten if you're interested in investing in a cardio machine. You can enjoy the classes on your own bike, treadmill, or rower, too.


Peloton's walking workouts are unbeatable for less intense exercise, whether you're just getting started, want a lower-impact cardio option, or enjoy a little movement on your rest day.

Strength Training

The perfect adjunct to its cardio classes, Peloton offers maximum variety and value with its array of strength training workouts. You can choose from bodyweight or dumbbell classes and hundreds of workouts, perfect for at-home or on-the-go training.

With strength workouts for beginners, intermediate, and advanced athletes, you will surely find a resistance class for your needs on the Peloton App.

Pilates & Barre

Pilates and Barre are popular and unique workouts on the Peloton app. Both class styles are popular with dancers and emphasize isometric holds, graceful movements, and core strength.


A different and demanding cardio and plyometric workout featured on the Peloton app is boxing. You can try a single boxing class or commit to a program designed to teach you the punches and combos and get you in shape.

Stretching, Meditation & Yoga

Peloton has dozens of classes geared toward recovery, mindfulness, and de-stressing. Whether you're looking for an active yoga flow or a low-key stretching session, these numerous options are the perfect addition to round out your cardio and strength sessions and help you prevent injuries and maximize your recovery.

Peloton: Our Take
Varies by equipment and subscription


Best for trainer led workouts and community

  • 30-day Home Trial
  • Peloton Bike Rental Program
  • Various Equipment to suit your preference
  • App that works with and without equipment

How to Get the Most Out of Peloton

The Peloton App is best for you if you want to invest in a cardio machine and get all your workouts in one place. Peloton is an outstanding choice for anyone who loves working out at home or on the go.

To get the best possible experience, Peloton recommends purchasing one of their cardio machines.

At $1,495 a piece for Peloton equipment, it's certainly not in the budget for everyone, and you can still enjoy hundreds of workouts on the app without buying one of their machines.

Peloton offers a $13-per-month basic subscription with thousands of live and pre-recorded classes but limited access to in-class metrics for a single user. Or you can buy the all-access membership required when you purchase a machine–which costs $44 monthly.

The $44 monthly option gives you access to the entire Peloton catalog and complete user experience for your household, including exclusive events, complete leaderboard data, and new programs.

Because Peloton has such a comprehensive catalog, you can use the app for all your workouts.

You can try Peloton for 30 days free with no commitment, and you can also freeze your membership for up to three months if needed.

Download the Peloton app for iOS and Android devices from the App Store, Google Play, or the website. The app syncs with Apple, Garmin watches, and other apps like MyFitnessPal, WeightWatchers, and Lifesum.

Bottom Line

Peloton has plentiful workout options in addition to their popular cycling classes, including rowing, running, strength training, yoga, Pilates, Barre, boxing, meditation, and walking.

No matter which workout you choose, each class is led by an energizing and entertaining instructor who offers real-time motivation. You can try the Peloton app free for 30 days.

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