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Daily Burn Review: The Game-Changing Fitness App in 2023

Daily Burn offers robust workout programs, daily fitness classes, and a wide library of exercises. If you want to add a daily morning fitness class and comprehensive workout program to your overall routine, then check out the Daily Burn app.

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11 min readSeptember 26th, 2023
SLWritten By Sara Lindberg


This subscription-based fitness platform is easy to use, offers a variety of exercise styles, keeps track of workout metrics, and features expert-trained instructors ready to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals.

So, if you’re ready to take your training to the next level, check out our comprehensive Daily Burn app review to see if this platform is right for you.

What We Like
  • New classes streamed daily at 9:00 am ET
  • Classes are recorded to view at any time
  • Generous, 30-day trial period for new users
  • Comprehensive catalog of workouts
  • Customized workout programs and classes based on fitness experience and goals
  • Separate yoga, running, and HIIT memberships
  • Audio and video classes
  • Workouts are available on smartphones, tablets, and computers
  • Affordable monthly fee
  • Excellent instructor cues and demonstrations
  • Community component that allows users to connect with other members and trainers
  • Member referral program
  • Syncs with FitBit and Apple Watch
What We Don't Like
  • Requires additional fees for premium programs
  • Pricing structure and fees can be confusing
  • Certain activity-specific apps cost extra
  • Limited feedback from instructors or trainers
Daily Burn: Our Take
Starting at $8 per month

Daily Burn

Best for Workout Variety

  • Extensive Classes & Workouts
  • Daily Burn Audio for listening instead of watching
  • Member Referral Program

Daily Burn App Overview

Daily Burn is an app-based workout platform that streams workouts to a mobile device or TV.

It’s known for the 365 Program, which offers a different 30-minute workout every day at 9:00 am EST. If you can’t make that time work, the daily class is available on-demand for the rest of the day or up to 24 hours after it airs.

During the live class, you can chat with other users also participating in the workout. However, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium membership to have access to the class at any time.

Beyond the Daily Burn 365 9:00 am class, Daily Burn offers multiple workouts and programs for cardio, strength training, yoga, Pilates, dance, and more. They also offer three activity-specific apps for an additional monthly cost.

These include Running by Daily Burn, Yoga Workouts by Daily Burn, and HIIT Workouts by Daily Burn. You can download the Daily Burn app from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or the website. Besides your computer, Daily Burn workouts are available on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Chromecast.

Getting started with the Daily Burn app is fairly straightforward. In total, it takes about five to 10 minutes to download, enter your payment information, create a profile, and customize your experience. You will need to provide credit card information for the free trial, so make sure to have that available.

After the initial setup, the first step is to enter your demographics: gender, date of birth, and weight. Then you’ll be prompted to provide the number of days you want to work out each week (1-7 as options). Next is to answer the style of workout you like to do.

You can select as many as you like. Options include easy, intermediate, advanced, sweat and sculpt, movement, stretch and tone, high performance, recovery, and strength training.

The app tool “Find My Perfect Fit” then creates a home page based on these selections. On this screen, you’ll see a tracker of your weekly goal, total calories burned, total minutes, the number of completed workouts, and more. If you click on “see full history,” you’ll go to a page with your workout history that also includes info about your weight.

If you click on “Programs,” you’ll see several comprehensive programs based on your interests. Each program has a home page listing the goal, difficulty, duration, equipment needed, and workout length of each class. It also has bios of the trainers. Program duration averages two to 12 weeks, and class length averages 5 to 60 minutes.

Examples include:

  • Bodyweight Beginners
  • Kickboxing and Dance Cardio Collection
  • 10-Minute Tone
  • Sweat Sessions
  • Total Body Strength
  • 365 FIT Family
  • Booty Burn
  • Upper Body Challenge
  • Quick HIITs Challenge
  • 20-Day Fitness Challenge
  • Yoga Retreat
  • Baby Bump and Beyond
  • Low Impact Training
  • Power Cardio
  • Daily Burn Kettlebells
  • Core
  • Barre Harmony
  • Recover

Several programs and workouts do not require equipment. However, there are some classes that use exercise bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, and other fitness tools.

When you select a class, you’ll see if it requires equipment and what you will need to complete the workout. What’s more, you can use the search tool to look for classes that use equipment, allowing you to only see workouts based on the equipment you have.

The Daily Burn Basic subscription costs $14.99 to $19.99 per month. If you want the full experience, you’ll need to upgrade to Daily Burn Premium for $26.99 per month.

Daily Burn Premium includes the basics, plus the entire library of workouts (over 1,000 expertly-led video workouts), including outdoor running, treadmill, cardio, abs/core, strength and conditioning, yoga, Pilates, and meditation.

You’ll also get first access to new programs and resources before they launch. If a workout requires premium access, you’ll see a green key icon in the right-hand corner of the video. This indicates that you need to upgrade to the more expensive membership.

If you want to add on one of the activity-specific apps, you’ll pay extra on top of the basic or premium fees, or you can just subscribe to one of the standalone apps.

The Running app costs $8 per month, the Yoga app is $10 per month, and the HIIT membership is $13 per month.

The pricing structure is a bit confusing and not as transparent as other fitness apps, especially since you can purchase subscriptions and download for free on various platforms like the Daily Burn website, Apple app store, Amazon, and Sam’s Club. So if you have questions, make sure to contact the company’s support team or search the FAQ section.

Daily Burn App Standout Features

The Daily Burn app is a solid fitness platform comparable to many other workout apps. While not the least expensive fitness app subscription, Daily Burn does have a relatively affordable sticker price for what you get. Plus, it has a free 30-day trial so you can try all the features before making a financial commitment.

Although we think it’s best to take advantage of a free trial to get a true feel for all an app has to offer, sometimes it’s helpful to see a list of standout features to decide if a platform is worth considering. With that in mind, here are some standout features you can expect with the Daily Burn app.

Workouts Page

The Workouts page features classes based on your goals and interests. Here, you will see a listing of classes with the televised date, class type, duration, difficulty level, and equipment needed.

When you click on a specific class, you’ll then go to a page with the video, a more detailed description, and any user comments or reviews about the workout. There is also a search tool that allows you to look for a class based on the following criteria: program, style, trainer, equipment, duration (short, medium, long), difficulty (easy, medium, hard), and pace (slow, moderate, fast).

Comprehensive Fitness Categories

Daily Burn has an extensive list of classes and workouts covering a range of fitness categories, including:

  • Tone and Target
  • Full-Body Group Workout
  • Intro to Exercise
  • Cardio Strength
  • Yoga Basics
  • Barre For All
  • Muscle Building
  • Beginner Pilates
  • Cardio Kickboxing
  • High-Intensity Training
  • Pregnancy and Post-Natal
  • Flexibility and Stretching

Daily Burn Audio

The Audio feature with Daily Burn allows you to listen to classes instead of viewing them online. This is a great tool for users wanting to do outdoor running or walking, meditation, or workouts at the gym. Audio programs include:

  • Holistic Outdoor Training
  • Couch to 5K
  • Treadmill
  • Outdoor Running
  • Abs and Core
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Meditation

Daily Burn Community

The Community tool gives you access to a private Daily Burn Community Facebook group with over 24K members. It is a very active group, with 60+ posts each day. This group is intended to be a community for the Daily Burn family to chat, interact, ask questions, and look for support, motivation, and expert advice from the trainers.

Daily Burn Life

Daily Burn Life is a separate section within the app that features content related to general fitness, health, sleep, stress, meditation, mental health, nutrition, and recipes. Here, you’ll have access to hundreds of expertly-written articles and recipes.

That said, the published content is not always up-to-date, so we’re not sure how active this page is. But, most of the articles are evergreen, which means the information does not necessarily change based on when it goes live on the site. For example, an article on strawberry recipes or protein shakes does not need to be timely to be relevant.

Member Referral Program

Current users can earn a one-month referral credit each time they refer a friend who signs up for a new Daily Burn subscription. You can bank up to 12 credits at a time.

What Does Daily Burn Track?

The Daily Burn app keeps track of your weekly goals, total calories burned, total minutes exercised, number of completed workouts, number of completed programs. It also has a detailed weight tracker with weigh-in days and a graph showing weight lost and gained.

You can sync Daily Burn with your FitBit or Apple Watch for more accurate, real-time fitness tracking.

The My Workout History page loads with a current month calendar, giving you an at-a-glance view of your workout history, with the time/duration of each class completed on a particular day. If you preview a workout, it will count toward your workout tracking activity.

Is Daily Burn Easy To Use?

Overall, Daily Burn is straightforward and easy to use. There is a slight learning curve, as is the case with most fitness platforms, but once you spend some time navigating the features, sections, and program pages, you should be able to swipe through sections to find what you’re looking for.

The platform has a simple search tool that helps you locate specific classes and programs.

Plus, if you provide personal information during the set-up process, the app will be able to customize your homepage, so you see class recommendations based on your interests, experience level, and fitness goals. This makes the app much easier to use and, hopefully, leads to a better experience.

Beyond the interface, the Daily Burn classes are varied by level and exercise type, allowing users to choose workouts based on personal experience, goals, and preferences.

Because Daily Burn is not based on an AI model, the workouts and exercises do not change or get progressively more challenging based on your fitness gains. Instead, users can choose from various difficulty levels.

Who Is Daily Burn Best For?

Daily Burn is best for people looking for a fitness app that offers various exercise styles, experience levels, class lengths, and comprehensive programs featuring cardio, strength training, yoga, Pilates, pre and postnatal, and flexibility.

It’s a great option for anyone wanting to exercise at home, the gym, or while traveling.

On the plus side, we really like the detailed instructions and cues provided by the trainers.

Many classes also feature more than one instructor, with each one demonstrating different levels and ways to perform the moves. This is really helpful for people who need modifications.

However, some instructors are more chatty than others, so if you’re looking for workouts with minimal talking, Daily Burn may not be for you.

Also, the music is instrumental and in the background so you can hear the instructions, which may not be as motivating for some people who really rely on music to get through a workout. That said, it’s great news for beginners or people who need detailed steps and cues.

Daily Burn is also a solid choice for anyone wanting a standalone app like the running, HIIT, or yoga subscription instead of a comprehensive fitness app.

We like that Daily Burn offers a premium platform as well as activity-specific options.

How Does Daily Burn Compare to Other Apps?

Below, we compare Daily Burn to five other apps to see how it stacks up.

App NamePriceTrial PeriodCompatibility Best For
Daily Burn$8 to $26.99+ per month, depending on subscription and add-on apps30 day for new usersiOS, Android, and web based  -Once daily live class-Standalone running, yoga, and HIIT apps-Comprehensive fitness programs-Workout variety, type, and levels-Minimal equipment 
iFIT$15 per month30 days for new usersiOS and Android-Connected exercise machines-On-demand cardio and resistance training classes- Outdoor guided workouts
Nike Training ClubFreeN/AiOS and Android-Ideal for all fitness levels -Trainer-guided videos and workouts -Short and long routines for gym and home -Cardio, strength training, yoga, Pilates, and mobility programming 
Peloton$12.99 per month for the basic app; $44 per month for all access membership that requires Peloton equipment30 days for new usersiOS and Android- Live and on-demand classes-Expert instructors -Active community
Aaptiv$14.99 per month 7 days iOS and Android -Audio-based workouts-Support community -Personalization by fitness goal 
Obe Fitness$24.99 per month 7 days iOS and Android -20+ class types -Live stream and on-demand classes -Private obé community Facebook group 

What to Consider When Choosing a Fitness App?

Fitness apps have exploded in popularity, making it difficult to sort through all the options and find the right one that fits your needs. Before diving into the search process, make sure to note your budget, access to equipment, goals, streaming devices, and schedule. Below, we list some additional factors to consider as you shop for a fitness app.

Pricing and subscription model: In general, fitness apps cost between $9.99 and $29.99 per month, with $12.99 to $15.99 being the average price. Many platforms offer a lower price point if you pre-pay per quarter or annually.

But this can be a costly investment if you’re unsure about the app or only want to use it for a few months. Some apps, like Daily Burn, also offer separate activity-based apps at a lower price for people wanting a specific workout program.

Trial period: Several workout apps offer new users a trial period. Some platforms offer a limited period of three workouts, while others, like Daily Burn, give potential users up to four weeks to try the app for free. On average, most trial periods last seven days.

That said, some fitness apps do not have a trial period or free version to try before buying. If you find an app you like, but cannot try it first, contact the support team to see if they can help answer any questions or are willing to give you a short trial period.

Fitness level and experience: Most fitness apps offer programming for all levels and experience. However, it’s difficult to know for sure unless you spend time navigating the platform.

That’s why it’s so important to take advantage of the trial period. If the app does not have a free trial, contact the support team with questions before signing up.

Features and functionalities: A fee-based workout app should offer a wide range of fitness programs, including cardio, strength training, yoga, HIIT, dance, Pilates, mobility, stretching, and others. Also, look for health and wellness-related content such as nutrition, recipes, sleep, meditation, relaxation, and motivation.

If you’re paying for a monthly subscription, make sure the app has tracking abilities. This feature allows you to log workout metrics, view weekly progress, and monitor goals.

Community component: Fitness apps with a community component allow users to connect with other members to share experiences, progress, motivation, tips, and ask questions.

Some community forums are regulated by a support team, while others are user-monitored. Ideally, a trainer or instructor will oversee content, answer user questions, and make sure the information being shared is factual. Most community groups are private Facebook groups or web-based forums.

User reviews: Online user reviews are helpful when choosing a fitness app. If possible, read reviews from various sites, including the platform itself and the Apple and Google app store. You can also look at ratings and reviews on third-party sites like TrustPilot, Google Reviews, and Better Business Bureau.

The Bottom Line

The Daily Burn app is a comprehensive training platform featuring customized workouts, purposeful programs, expert instructors and trainers, connected community, and a 9:00 am EST daily class. A Daily Burn membership costs between $14.99 to $19.99 per month.

If you want the full experience, you’ll need to upgrade to Daily Burn Premium for $26.99 per month. Beyond the traditional fitness platform, Daily Burn also offers three activity-specific apps for an additional fee. These include running, yoga, and HIIT.

Overall, Daily Burn is an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate fitness levels looking for an on-the-go workout platform that can stream exercise classes to a smartphone, tablet, computer, and other compatible devices.

Advanced or experienced weight lifters or athletes may find Daily Burn too basic, but that’s why the 30-day free trial is so valuable. You can try the app for  a month to decide if it’s right for you.

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