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Must-Have Daily Burn Equipment to Amplify Your Workouts

Daily Burn workouts require basic equipment such as dumbbells, resistance bands, and a yoga mat. Substitutions with similar fitness gear are possible depending on the specific workout.

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9 min readAugust 3rd, 2023
JBGWritten By Jessica Braun Gervais


Daily Burn is an online workout platform with a wide selection of on-demand exercise videos and training programs.

Body weight workouts are available on Daily Burn, but many sessions incorporate equipment to build strength, mobility, cardio, and endurance. Using equipment in your activities is also an excellent way to challenge yourself and add variety to your routine.

Equipment for Daily Burn

When you click into a Daily Burn workout, you can find a list of equipment you’ll need for that session under the description. A few standard equipment pieces that you’ll see include:

For weighted equipment like dumbbells and kettlebells, the instructor will tell you at the start of the video whether you’ll need light, medium, or heavy weights, although it’s ultimately up to you to decide what weight you want to use.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to filter workouts by equipment type on the app, but you can search programs by equipment through a web browser. You can also type the gear you want to use into the search bar to find exercises utilizing that equipment.

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Cardio Equipment for Daily Burn

There are a lot of cardio workouts and programs on Daily Burn. However, most of them don’t require cardio equipment.

There are no workouts for stationary bikes or row machines and very few workouts incorporating treadmills and ellipticals. Instead, most cardio workouts are dance or kickboxing inspired and don’t require equipment to boost the heart rate.

Treadmills- Not Required

Few workouts on Daily Burn use treadmills, and you can easily substitute a treadmill for walking or running outside.

The videos for treadmill workouts are less than a minute and don’t guide you through an actual treadmill session. Instead, the video explains a target pace and time, then quickly outlines the benefits of walking/jogging.

Elliptical/trainer- Not Required

Like the treadmill, there aren’t a ton of elliptical workouts available on Daily Burn, but they have a few videos using a Bowflex Max Trainer.

You can choose from an interval, tempo, or endurance workout, all with different intensity and pace options to meet your needs. All trainer workouts are 30 minutes or less and keep you on the elliptical for the entire training. The instructor for each session will guide you through what to do, when to pick up the pace, and when to rest.

Jump Rope- Nice to Have

Sometimes Daily Burn workouts incorporate jump rope as a warm-up for HIIT workouts or as a stretching tool for cooldowns. Daily Burn also has a few jump-roping challenges to boost your cardio.

The instructor will give you footwork drills to try with the jump rope while incorporating bodyweight exercises between jumping sprints to keep the session fun so you’re not on the jump rope for the entirety of the session.

Steps- Nice to Have

There are a few cardio and sculpt workouts that utilize a step. A step is a small elevated platform that you can jump on and off to boost your heart rate. Steps are also excellent for building heat in strength or HIIT sessions by isolating one side of the body or adding a lower body element while you work the upper body with free weights.

Steps may put unwanted strain on the joints, but you can do many step movements on a flat surface for less impact.

Resistance Equipment for Daily Burn

Trainers typically incorporate resistance equipment in strength training to improve muscle strength, size, and endurance.

Resistance equipment can include anything that adds resistance or weight to a movement to contract the muscle. Daily Burn uses many resistance pieces, but the three most popular ones used among most programs are dumbbells, boxes, kettlebells, and bands.

Boxes- Nice to Have

Boxes have similar use cases as steps, but the great thing about boxes is one box can have up to three different heights.

Many Daily Burn workouts that use boxes are strength and HIIT sessions. Some movements work the upper body with elevated push-ups or rows. Daily Burn also uses boxes to build explosiveness in the legs with box jumps.

Dumbbells- Essential

Dumbbells are a popular resistance equipment used in many Daily Burn workouts. You’ll primarily need dumbbells for the HIIT and strength workouts, but you may also see dumbbells in the core and mobility sections.

The great thing about dumbbells is you can use any comfortable weight. A trainer may suggest a heavy or lightweight, but ultimately, you choose which size dumbbell you use.

If you’re new to dumbbell workouts, always start on the light side because the weights will start to feel heavier the further into your training you get. Switching out dumbbells during your workout is always an option if you want more or less heat.

Bands- Nice to Have

Daily Burn incorporates a few different types of bands in its training programs. Most band workouts are circuit style, which means you’re doing two to three workouts with the band and then moving to a different workout using another piece of equipment.

Resistance and loop bands are the two most popular Daily Burn workouts. A resistance band is one long rope with handles on each side, typically for upper body work.

A loop band is a fully connected circle that you usually place around your shins or thighs for lower-body workouts. Both types of bands come in different sizes with various resistance levels.

Kettlebells- Nice to Have

Daily Burn has an entire workout category dedicated to kettlebell workouts. Kettlebells are excellent equipment for building cardio, strength, endurance, and mobility.

Like dumbbells, kettlebells come in various weights so you can decide how heavy to go during a workout.

One of the most common workouts to use kettlebells for is the swing. Setting up and executing a kettlebell swing can be tricky, but Daily Burn has a quick video that breaks down how to swing so you can feel confident in your workouts.


A few cardio, strength, and mobility workouts use a barre. But since most people don’t have bars at home, you can easily use a chair.

In the Daily Burn workouts, you use the chair for stability as you practice different stretches and mobility drills. Some strength workouts use chairs instead of a step or box for pushes or rows to help you keep good form.

Yoga Equipment for Daily Burn

You can choose from more than 200 yoga workouts on Daily Burn. While many yoga workouts don’t have the equipment listed in the description, you will likely want a mat, block, and strap for all of your yoga workouts, especially if you’re new to yoga.

Yoga Mat- Essential

Nearly all yoga practices use a yoga mat. They help you understand your space for various poses and provide a cushion between you and the floor. Many mats also have non-slip surfaces so you can safely move without slipping when you get sweaty.

Even though they’re called yoga mats, you can use them for any workout, especially if you’re doing floor work like sit-ups, planks, or mountain climbers.

Yoga Blocks- Nice to Have

When you’re learning a new yoga pose, blocks are a helpful tool to help you settle into a position while you build your mobility and flexibility.

Although a Daily Burn instructor may not call for blocks in a workout, you can always utilize them to bring the floor closer to you and release some of the tension or heat in a pose.

Yoga Straps- Nice to Have

Yoga straps are another tool that Daily Burn workouts don’t always call out but that you can use in a yoga session to deepen your stretches. If you have trouble reaching your toes or opening your hips, you can place a strap around your foot or legs to gently guide your body and explore your space.

Choosing Equipment for Daily Burn

You don’t need to purchase every piece of workout equipment to find success with Daily Burn. Instead, think about the versatility, durability, and price of equipment, and consider what you may have access to at a local gym before purchasing new gear.


Some equipment pieces have versatility, meaning you can use them instead of other equipment. Dumbbells and kettlebells are pretty interchangeable.

While movements like swings or cleans are easier with kettlebells, you can do the same exercises with a dumbbell. Rows, curls, and presses are primarily dumbbell movements. Still, by changing the grip on a kettlebell so you’re holding where the handle meets the ball of the kettlebell, you can easily substitute a kettlebell for these exercises.

Another piece of equipment that has some versatility is a resistance loop. Sometimes, you can use a loop instead of a band by folding the band in half and holding on to both ends.

Remember, when you use it this way, the loop will have quite a bit more resistance, so consider getting a lighter band.

Charis, steps, and boxes also have some versatility. While you don’t want to jump onto a chair, you can use it to find your form on many upper body workouts, whereas Daily Burn may have you using a box.

You can also use steps instead of a box for jumps and explosive leg movements, especially if you want to start at that lower height.

Quality and Durability

Equipment can be pricey, and it’s natural to gravitate toward less expensive options. However, you want to ensure you’re purchasing quality equipment you won’t have to replace annually.

You want durable pieces that can handle the occasional drop and multiple reps without wearing them out.

It can be hard to know what will last, but one of the best ways to understand a product’s quality is to read verified reviews from real people who have used the equipment. Customers are often honest about what they like and what they don’t.

You can also ask friends or fitness fanatics to see their preferred brands. Online fitness influencers or trainers at your local gym can also be good resources.


Expensive products don’t equate to better quality. When shopping for equipment, don’t fall into the trap of buying the most costly option. Instead, set a budget for yourself, and research the highest quality brands within that budget.

Look for brands that offer warranties. If something breaks or isn’t up to your standards, you can replace it. Purchasing used or refurbished gear from a second-hand fitness store can also save on equipment, especially if you want those higher-quality brands.


Some equipment pieces, like ellipticals and treadmills, are investments. Depending on your budget and space, it may not make sense to buy them, especially since there aren’t a ton of Daily Burn workouts incorporating them. Instead of purchasing these more significant ticket items, look at local gyms or friends to see what equipment you might already have access to.

Popular Equipment Options for Daily Burn

There are many equipment brands, and browsing new gear can feel overwhelming. The trainers from Daily Burn have a few recommended brands that they feature in their videos or on their website.

Considering these brands is an excellent place to start, but choose whatever equipment suits your budget and needs.

BrandEquipment TypeProsCons
CAPKettlebells, Plates, BenchesEasy setup, AffordableSome customers say it chips easily
SPRI Mats, Free weights, Medicine balls, Resistance bandsProfessional-grade Expensive
Titan FitnessDumbbells, Barbells,  Plates, Medicine balls, Jump ropesBudget-friendly, Wide selection Quality can vary 
Bowflex Bikes, Ellipticals, TreadmillsPayment plans available, Easy storageSome customer service complaints
Iron GymDumbbells, Exercise balls, Mats, Kettlebells, Foam rollersMulti-functionalSetup takes time
MandukaYoga mats, Yoga blocks, Yoga strapsGood cushion, DurableTakes time to break in

Where to Buy Equipment for Daily Burn

If you have a particular brand you like, you can purchase equipment directly from that brand’s website. Buying directly from a brand usually comes with a manufacturing warranty, and some brands also offer financing plans, so you don’t have to pay for everything at once.

Brands may also provide free or discounted repairs from products you buy directly from them. However, purchasing from brands may also be more expensive.

Purchasing equipment from online stores is sometimes cheaper because you may find discontinued items or gear that’s no longer the newest version of what the brand offers.

You may even find refurbished equipment at a discounted price. Online shopping from stores with multiple brands also allows you to browse and compare different brands. Check out popular online fitness shops such as:

Online shopping is convenient, but sometimes when shopping for fitness equipment, you want to see how something feels and inspect the quality. There are plenty of brick-and-mortar stores that you can visit to find the right gear.

If you don’t live near a fitness store, check out your local fitness studios and gyms for gear.

While you probably won’t find treadmills or complete home gyms for sale, many studios sell smaller equipment pieces like yoga mats, resistance bands, and medicine balls. Fitness instructors and personal trainers can also inform you of nearby stores with what you need.

Bottom Line

Equipment can significantly improve your Daily Burn experience, but you don’t need to purchase all equipment used on the app to see results.

Decide on a few quality pieces of gear that are versatile and fit your budget. And don’t forget about utilizing local gym equipment if you don’t have the space or money to invest in a home gym.

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