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Must-Have Equipment for BODi to Amplify Your Workouts

BODi (short for Beachbody on Demand Interactive) app equipment includes various fitness tools like dumbbells, resistance bands, and yoga mats.

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3 min readAugust 3rd, 2023


You do not need equipment to work out with the BODi app, but your program would benefit from investing in a few pieces of equipment.

Keep reading to learn what equipment best complements the BODi fitness app and how to get the most out of your BODi subscription.

Equipment Best for the BODi App

BODi offers loads of class options that are easy to filter by fitness level, workout length, training type, or trainer and include workout options including:

In addition to these individual class types, you can choose from over 100 complete workout programs. While BODi does have options for all fitness levels, their claim to fame is their high-intensity classes like Insanity and p90X.

While many BODi workouts require nothing but a few feet of space and a good pair of shoes, they recommend investing in a few other pieces of equipment if you can.

BODi: Our Take
12 months for $179

Dumbbells for BODi

While you can strength train with your body weight, most people outgrow that level of resistance quickly and need something more to continue progressing.

Dumbbells are a recommended addition to any home gym and are particularly helpful for working out at home with apps like BODi. BODi workouts like 21 Day Fix, 80 Day Obsession, Morning Meltdown 100, or LIFT4 all require additional resistance in the form of DBs or resistance bands.

If you don't want to spend a ton of money, start with two to three weights that are challenging for different kinds of exercises. Make sure you have options for both upper and lower body exercises.

Resistance Bands for BODi

Resistance bands are the other option available and recommended to supplement your BODi workouts and keep you progressing with your strength training.

While they do not offer the same resistance as DBs or KBs, they are still an effective and inexpensive equipment option for at-home or on the go.

Pull-up Bar for BODi

Another inexpensive home gym equipment option recommended by BODi is a pull-up bar. There are plenty of pull-up bar options available that are easy to install and renter-friendly.

Pull-ups are an advanced exercise, so this is not required but offers a cheap and challenging option for the BODi workouts that feature them.

Yoga Mat for BODi

A yoga mat is the one piece of equipment on this list that is essential for any home gym program. They're functional, versatile, and make your workout much more comfortable.

You will use a yoga mat in hundreds of BODi workouts in addition to their actual yoga classes.

Other equipment options that are nice to have and are sure to spice up your BODi workout routine include:

How to Get the Most Out of the BODi App

While BODi does have workouts geared toward beginners, the BODi brand built its following through high-intensity classes with dramatic names like Insanity and 21 Day Fix Extreme, so bear that in mind when considering the app.

It’s important to note that the BODi app is best for people comfortable performing exercises at home without any feedback on the exercise form.

BODi is affordable, and you choose to be billed every three months at $89, 6 months at $119, or 12 months at $179. Once you select your subscription type, signing up is easy and only takes a few minutes.

You can download BODi on IOS or Android devices and use Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or Google Chromecast products to stream their classes. You can also sync the BODi app with your Apple Health account.

Bottom Line

The BODi app is a solid choice and does not disappoint with its production quality and endless class variety. However, because the credentials of its coaches are sometimes unclear and the user experience is cluttered with ads, better options are available for a similar price.

You can try BODi free for 14 days.

Are you interested in an app better suited for beginners? Or looking for instruction from certified personal trainers? Check out these reviews:

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