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Centr Review 2023: Why Centr is a Game Changer in 2023

The Centr app, created by Chris Hemsworth, offers a premium, holistic approach to fitness and wellness.

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13 min readSeptember 22nd, 2023
SLWritten By Sara Lindberg


Centr offers users 1,400+ workouts, including HIIT, strength training, yoga, and Pilates. It also features 800 recipes for a wide range of dietary requirements, plus guided meditations, sleep visualizations, and community support.

Curious how Centr might fit into your fitness routine? Check out our comprehensive Centr app review to see if this comprehensive workout, nutrition, and mindfulness platform is right for you.

What We Like
  • Includes coached and self-guided workouts by skill level
  • Workouts designed for at home and the gym
  • Routines designed with and without equipment
  • Section on mindfulness and relaxation tips
  • Meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, and general nutrition content
  • Features expert-trained coaches
  • Appropriate for all fitness levels
  • Quick to learn and easy to navigate
  • Seven or 30-day free trial, depending on the current offer
  • Subscription comes with access to a private Facebook community
What We Don't Like
  • Higher price point than other fitness apps
  • Minimal Chris Hemsworth appearances
  • Does not offer live or on-demand classes
  • App may be overwhelming if you just want basic routines
Centr: Our Take
Starting at $29.99 per month


Best for Strength Training workouts

  • Train, Eat, and Live Sections for holistic approach
  • Self-Guided and Coached workouts
  • Extended Routines with Centr Guided Programs

Centr App Overview

The Centr app has three main sections: Train, Eat, and Live. This comprehensive wellness approach is what makes Centr unique compared to many other fitness apps. All Centr workouts feature world-class trainers, and last between five and 60 minutes. Routines range from beginner to advanced and consist of styles like MMA, boxing, HIIT, functional training, strength training, bodyweight training, yoga, and Pilates.

You can perform Centr app workouts at home, the gym, and even on the go. Plus, you’ll have access to routines that don’t require any equipment. That said, if you’re participating in one of the heavier strength training programs or have “build muscle” as your goal, you’ll need access to weight benches, barbells, and dumbbells.

Centr app workouts come in two forms: Self-Guided and Coached. With Self-Guided workouts, you’ll work through a move-by-move routine at your own pace. In contrast, the Coached workouts feature a single continuous video led by master trainers.

The Eat section consists of daily meal plans, recipes, and dietary tips based on your chosen program: regular, pescatarian, vegetarian, or vegan. Each meal and snack comes with a recipe, shopping list, and nutritional information. While the Eat content, meals, and ideas are great, you don’t have to use them. Each section is separate, allowing you the flexibility to choose some or all of the features this app offers.

The Centr app costs $29.99 per month for the pay-as-you-go plan. If you don’t mind paying upfront, you can save some money by going with the annual plan, which costs $119.99 yearly, or the quarterly plan, which costs $59.99 every three months. The annual plan works out to about $10 per month, and the quarterly plan is about $20 per month. The Centr app comes with a 7-day free trial. Occasionally they offer a one-month extended trial, but it’s typically around the new year.

The Centr app works with iOS and Android-compatible mobile devices. Plus, AirPlay, GoogleCast, and the web. It’s available for download on the Centr website, Apple App Store, or Google Play. You can also connect your workouts to an Apple Watch to dive deeper into your results through Health Kit.

After downloading the Centr app, you’ll create an account and agree to the subscription terms. Remember, there is a 7-day free trial (and sometimes a longer one), so make sure to look for this when signing up. That said, you’ll need to provide credit card information to take advantage of the trial. But you can cancel before the trial period is up and not be charged. The next steps take about three to five minutes and include questions like:

  • What’s your goal? Lose weight, build muscle, or get fit and toned.
  • What’s your current fitness level? Beginner, intermediate, or advanced.
  • Which meal plan do you want to follow? Regular, pescatarian, vegetarian, or vegan.
  • What’s your sex? Female or male.

Once you complete this process, you’ll see your personalized Planner. Consider this your homepage that shows your workout of the day, meal plan with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and an optional healthy snack. Plus, wellness tips based on your goals. We really like this at-a-glance feature that allows you to plan for the day. And, if you need to change anything, the Centr app permits substitutions, so that you can swap out meals or workouts in advance.

The Planner also gives you access to the Live section full of meditations, sleep visualizations, and tools for mindfulness, plus an upcoming calendar with details about future exercise plans and meals. Beyond the Planner page, you’ll have access to all programming, including the 10 Centr programs, workout routines, meal plans, recipes, diet tips, mindfulness content, relaxation exercises, and more.

Centr App Standout Features

Centr is a comprehensive wellness app focusing on training, diet, and mindfulness. Within the platform, you’ll find several workout routines, recipes, meal plan ideas, motivational tools, and mental health and meditation tips. Beyond the general content, Centr has several standout features, most notably, the fitness programs tailored to different goals. These programs range in length from three weeks to 13 weeks and target different fitness goals. A Centr program is a great way to get started with the app, especially if you’re new to working out or work better with an organized plan.

  • Centr Sculpted: A six-week high-intensity strength training program consisting of four 30-minute strength workouts each week. Routines are designed for at home and use two sets of dumbbells or resistance bands. All training levels are available on one screen.

  • Centr Power: A 13-week muscle-building program for at home or the gym. This program is designed for maximum muscle growth across three progressive levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The at-home program requires a set of dumbbells, a box, and resistance bands, while the gym program utilizes multiple strength equipment.

  • Centr Begin: This three-week program is designed for beginners wanting to exercise at home. Centr Begin consists of three full-body workouts per week, each lasting 15 to 20 minutes. Routines feature a mix of no-equipment exercises and workouts using bands.
  • Centr Ignite: This six-week program features three levels, with beginner’s completing three workouts per week and intermediate and advanced performing five workouts each week. It includes a mix of styles like strength training, HIIT, plyo, Pilates, MMA, and functional training. Routines average 20 to 25 minutes with a max of 35 minutes and often use one to two sets of dumbbells.
  • Centr Unlimited: This six week, no-equipment program focuses on bodyweight training with styles like HIIT, plyo, Pilates, MMA, and strength training. Workouts average 30 minutes, with beginners completing three routines a week and intermediate and advanced levels doing five workouts per week.
  • Centr 6: A six-week at-home program featuring a simple format of six exercises for six rounds for six days. Each session lasts about 20 to 25 minutes and uses your bodyweight for resistance and a set of dumbbells. All levels are welcome, and the trainers give cues based on experience.
  • Centr Unleashed: This six-week, no-equipment plan is based on bodyweight training and high-intensity interval training, plus one stretching session. Each workout lasts about 20 to 25 minutes, and there are three levels to choose from including beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
  • Centr Fusion: A six-week program for your mind and body. Fusion combines movement with mindfulness through workouts featuring strength, cardio, yoga, and HIIT. You’ll complete five workouts per week with each lasting about 25 to 30 minutes. Workouts are demonstrated in beginning and intermediate levels, with some requiring a set of dumbbells.
  • Centr Align: This four-week yoga and Pilates program includes four classes per week, each lasting 30 to 40 minutes. Weekly routines feature two Vinyasa yoga classes and two full-body Pilates classes.

In addition to the fitness programs, Centr also has a section called Live. This is a premium feature of Centr because it focuses on training the mind with the body. Content, tips, and exercises within Live include meditations, sleep visualizations, and articles written by meditation and mindfulness experts.

And, if you’re in need of some motivation, tips, and support from like-minded people, consider joining the Centr private Facebook community, which is only available to members.

What Does Centr Track?

In addition to expert-designed workout routines, healthy recipes, and mindfulness content, the Centr app has a feature called the Weights Tracker, which allows you to track weights, reps, and timed exercises on all Self-Guided workouts. This gives you an easy way to see your progress as it happens and to know when to increase the intensity.

The Weights Tracker gives you the ability to log an exercise as you complete it and to view your progress by showing you the last three times you performed an exercise. This is a newer feature on the Centr app, so be prepared for updates and changes as they fine-tune it.

Is Centr Easy to Use?

Overall, the Centr app is fairly easy to use. Because there are three sections and a lot of content in each, it can be overwhelming at first. But give it time, and you’ll get the hang of it. The app is intuitive, with an easy-to-read menu detailing the features and tools. Getting set up is simple and only takes about five minutes.

With that said, we recommend going through the app and all the content for a day or two. Check out your Planner page, practice swapping out meals and workouts, and view a few of the routines. You can even get a shopping list ready based on the first week's meal plan and try a few meditations. This is a good way to learn how the app works and practice maneuvering between the three sections.

We really like that most of the worktous feature multiple trainers demonstrating different levels and modifications. For example, you might have three instructors leading a routine, with one demonstrating the exercises for beginners, another for intermediate, and one for advanced. Modifications may be based on intensity, resistance, and impact level. Moreover, you can view workouts and specific exercises before performing the routine so you’ll know what to expect.

Who Is Centr Best For?

Centr is best for people who want at home and gym-based workout plans tailored to their goals. It’s also ideal for all fitness levels since you can adjust the workouts to fit your needs. We also think it’s a great platform for anyone wanting a holistic approach to fitness that includes mindfulness tools and a full nutritional plan.

Additionally, the featured programs like Centr Power, Centr Sculpted, and Centr Begin provide users of all levels a detailed training plan based on a particular fitness goal, making it an excellent choice for anyone wanting a progressive program that takes the guesswork out of working out. Plus, the Planner tool makes it easy to plan your day and week since you’ll know workouts, meals, and mindfulness exercises ahead of time.

However, if you’re looking for an app that offers live classes built around a schedule, you may want to try another platform, since the Centr app is geared towards coach-led workouts and self-guided routines. And because Centr is one of the more expensive fitness apps, you may want to consider a lower-priced platform if budget is a deciding factor.

How Does Centr Compare to Other Apps?

Because workout apps generally come in two forms—class-based and routine only—you’ll want to decide on the type of workout app before signing up. Class-based apps offer live and on-demand instructor-led workouts, while routine apps feature workouts designed to fit your goals and fitness needs. Below, we compared Centr to four other apps to see how it stacked up.

App NamePriceTrial PeriodCompatibilityBest For
CENTR$29.99 per month or $20 per month billed quarterly 7 daysiOS and Android Strength training workouts, meal plans, and mindfulness 
iFIT$15 per month30 daysiOS and AndroidConnected exercise machines, on-demand cardio and resistance training classes
Peloton$12.99 per month for app that is available to anyone$44 per month for all access membership that requires Peloton equipment  30 days iOS and Android Live and on-demand classes, expert instructors, active community  
JRNY$19.99 per month 1-yeariOS and Android Bowflex and Schwinn equipment 
Beachbody$24.99 per month 14 days iOS and Android Workouts, comprehensive fitness programs, eating plans, challenges 

Centr vs BODi (Beachbody)

Centr is just one of the many fitness and wellness platforms available to users, making it difficult to narrow down which one might be best for you. That’s why comparing apps can help you decide which platform best suits your goals, needs, and budget. One app that provides similar features and at a close price point is BODi.

Formerly known as Beachbody, BODi offers several workouts, including cardio/HIIT, cycling, barre, core, strength, bootcamp, yoga, and Pilates. While the classes and fitness section is by far the most extensive part of the app, Centr has more strength training, functional training, and MMA-related classes than BODi, making it a better choice for hard-core lifters.

Like Centr, BODi also has nutritional content. The eating plans and nutrition sections of each app feature different meal plans, shopping guides, dietary tips, and recipes. BODi has two eating plans, one focusing on achieving a healthy relationship with food and the other on portion control. Centr, on the other hand, has four eating plans: regular, pescatarian, vegetarian, or vegan, giving users a bit more flexibility.

Another area the two apps align is mindfulness tips and programs. Both platforms offer a variety of mindset content to help you stay motivated and on track, including videos, routines, and articles.

One key difference between the two platforms is the subscription commitment. With Centr, you can select a monthly fee plan for $29.99. BODi, on the other hand, requires a three-month minimum to sign up, locking you into the platform for 90 days before you can cancel.

Overall, both Centr and BODi offer users excellent fitness programs, solid nutrition content, and useful mindfulness tools. That said, we think Centr comes out ahead as far as price, quality, and instructor expertise.

Price$29.99 per month or $20 per month billed quarterly 12-month membership for $179 6-month membership for $1193-month membership for $89
Trial Period7 days14 days 
CompatibilityiOS and Android iOS and Android 
Best For -Comprehensive fitness programs -Meal plans and nutrition content -Mindfulness tools-Workouts for home and gym-Heavy weight lifting and MMA-Comprehensive fitness programs -Eating plans -Challenges-Mindfulness programs 

What to Consider When Choosing a Fitness App

With so many fitness apps to choose from, narrowing the search can feel a bit overwhelming. That’s why knowing what you want from an app is important. Deciding on your goals ahead of time can help you choose a platform that best suits your needs, budget, and workout space. With that in mind, here are some things to consider when shopping for a fitness app.

Free trial: When shopping for a fitness app, make sure to look for a trial period. If the website does not advertise a free trial, contact customer service to see if they can offer one. In general, most trial periods last from seven to 30 days, with seven to 14 being the average free period.

Subscription fee: Most comprehensive fitness apps require a monthly fee ranging from $12.99 to $29.99 per month. If you’re willing to pay upfront for an annual or quarterly plan, some apps offer a lower monthly rate.

Fitness modalities: Fitness apps often feature several modalities such as strength training, bodyweight training, HIIT, yoga, Pilates, stretching, boot camp, cycling, running, and rowing, among others. That said, some apps only focus on a few methods, so it’s critical to check the workout types before signing up.

Class and workout format: Some apps feature live and on-demand instructor-led classes and workouts, while others take a routine-based approach. A few fitness apps, like Centr, use a hybrid approach and offer both instructor-led workouts and self-guided routines. Make sure to look at the app format and determine if the workouts and classes fit your needs.

Equipment: Choose an app based on where you plan on working out. If you have access to a gym, the options are limitless. But if you need to exercise at home, make sure to check the required equipment list to see if you have everything you need. Many apps have bodyweight-only routines or workouts that use minimal equipment like dumbbells and resistance bands.

Compatible devices: Most fitness apps are designed for mobile devices that support iOS or Android. That said, there are apps you can stream to compatible televisions or through your computer. Before signing up, check to make sure your device is compatible with the platform. If you use a smartwatch or fitness tracker, check to see if the app can connect to your  wearable device.

The Bottom Line

The Centr app is a comprehensive wellness platform with a robust collection of workouts, nutrition plans, recipes, mindfulness tips, relaxation exercises, and health content. Workout routines range from strength and power to cardio, HIIT, yoga, Pilates, and stretching.

Overall, Centr is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add variety to a fitness routine with trainer-led workouts, expert-designed nutrition plans, and thoughtful mindfulness exercises. We also like the flexibility and convenience the app offers with workouts adaptable to home and gym environments, with or without equipment.

The detailed menu plans, shopping lists, recipes, and nutritional information make this app a well-rounded addition to any health-conscious lifestyle. Plus, all you need to get started is an iOS or Android-compatible device, and it comes with a free seven-day (and sometimes longer) trial, so you have nothing to lose by trying it out for a week.

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FAQs About Centr App

What is the community aspect of the Centr app? Is it engaging and supportive?

The Centr app has a private community component available to members. While it may not be as robust as other fitness apps, it is very active, averaging over 75 new posts per day. To date, it has close to 59,0000 members.

That said, it is a private Facebook group, so interacting with social media is required to participate. Once you’re granted access, you’ll be able to connect with other Centr app members to share tips, offer support, and post progress pictures.

How effective are the mindfulness and mental well-being features in the app?

Many fitness apps are starting to include separate sections dedicated to mindfulness and mental well-being.

This multifaceted approach to health is what makes Centr such an excellent tool for people looking for a true mind-body experience.

We really like the Live component of the app, which includes meditations, breathwork, and sleep visualizations.

These guided programs are designed to reduce stress, improve focus, and enhance mental well-being. Sessions range from a few minutes to 20+ minutes, giving you the flexibility to choose a program that fits in your schedule.

To get the most out of the mindfulness content, you need to develop a regular practice, preferably daily, but at least four to five days a week.

Can you talk about the expertise and qualifications of the trainers featured in the Centr app?

The instructors and contributors featured on Centr come from around the world and include elite fitness trainers, food experts, and well-being specialists. All trainers and instructors are certified by reputable organizations and bring years of experience and expertise in their fields.

On the fitness side of the app, you’ll find coaches and instructors with strength and conditioning certifications, personal training certifications, and Pilates and yoga certifications.

Centr also features massage therapists, chiropractors, psychotherapists, and world-class athletes. The nutrition portion of the app includes registered dieticians, chefs, and restaurant owners.

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