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Centr App Equipment Guide: Must-Have Gear for Success

The Centr Fitness App requires no specific equipment to fully utilize its features, making it a great app for those who want flexibility in their workout routine. However, having access to gym equipment can further enhance your training possibilities within the app.

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5 min readAugust 3rd, 2023
JBGWritten By Jessica Braun Gervais


The world-class team behind Chris Hemsworth's Avenger-worthy build has created the Centr app that allows users to follow personalized workouts and meal plans to help them reach their fitness and wellness goals.

We break down the equipment you may need for using the Centr app, including what we recommend, what’s nice to have, and what’s required.

Equipment Best for Centr App

When you log into the Centr app, you'll see an assigned workout on your home screen (your Planner). You can also find additional activities by clicking the menu button and choosing either "Self-Guided" or "Coached" workouts. Whichever you choose, you can filter the exercises by the equipment.


(Recommended) A barbell is one of the more commonly used equipment pieces in the Centr app. You can use the bar with or without weights for nearly every training style and target area the app offers. If you don't have a barbell, you can substitute dumbbells for many exercises.


(Recommended) A bench is a commonly used equipment piece for strength training workouts. Most activities use a bench with a barbell or dumbbells for press exercises.

However, you can use a sturdy chair or table for movements that use a bench for stability or proper forms, such as bent-over rows, Bulgarian split squats, or tricep extensions.

Dip Station

(Nice to have) A dip station is primarily for upper body and core workouts. Still, there are few exercises that you can use a dip station for, and many of the training sessions have a single activity using it. If you can't access one at your local gym, you can substitute the limited movements with a different upper-body exercise.

Dual Cable Machine

(Recommended) Many workouts on the Centr app are specific to dual cable machine exercises. It's an excellent machine for toning the whole body, and it is a machine you can find at most gyms.

You can substitute the dual cable machine for free weights on some exercises, but if you don't have access, it's best to choose the training that doesn't use the machine.


(Required) If there's one piece of equipment worth investing in for Centr app workouts, it's dumbbells. Not only are there plenty of full-body exercises using dumbbells, but these free weights are also a perfect substitute for other equipment pieces.

Jump Rope

(Nice to have) Jumping rope is an excellent warmup and aerobics exercise. You'll mainly use the jump rope in the boxing workouts. However, if you don't have a jump rope, you can phantom jump rope or do another aerobic warmup such as high knees or butt kickers.


(Recommended) You'll use kettlebells in strength training, HIIT, and boxing workouts. The app has many kettlebell-specific exercises that target all muscle groups, making them a great piece of equipment to invest in if you're using the Centr app.

Lat Pulldown Machine

(Nice to have) The lat pulldown machine is perfect for upper body strength workouts, but the Centr app has limited exercises using the machine.

Leg Press Machine

(Nice to have) As the name suggests, leg press machines help strengthen and tone the legs.

The leg press is the only exercise you can use the machine for, so while it's an excellent lower-body exercise used in many training plans on Centr, you can substitute it for another leg workout.

Long Loop Band

(Recommended) A long loop band is versatile for many boxing warmups and workouts. The app also has upper body and core strength exercises and resistance training using the long loop band.

Medicine Ball

(Recommended) Medicine balls are good for building explosive movements targeting the whole body. There are no medicine ball-specific workouts on the Centr app, but it incorporates them into many strength and toning training.

Pull-up Bar

(Nice to have) Pull-up bars are helpful if you're working pull-ups or dead hangs, but outside of those exercises, you won't use them much in the Centr app.

Seated Calf Raise Machine

(Nice to have) Seated calf raises are an effective isolation machine for working the calves, but you can substitute seat-calf raises with standing calf raises using free weights if you don't have access to one.

Weight plates

(Recommended) Weight plates are helpful if you want to add weight to your barbell exercises. You can also use weight plates without the bar to replace dumbbells in some activities like chest presses, rows, shoulder presses, or weighted lungs.

Ground Bag & Heavy Bag

(Nice to have) You will need a ground or heavy bag if you use the Centr app for boxing or MMA workouts.

Boxing Gloves

(Nice to have) You will need boxing gloves if you're doing boxing workouts on the app because they are necessary for keeping your hands and wrists safe when hitting bags.

Fabric band

(Nice to have) The Centr app uses a fabric band with a few core, glute, and full-body workouts. A fabric band is a good option for resistance training and toning. If you don't have a fabric band, you can still do many exercises using body weight.

If you don't have access to the equipment, you can use the "no-equipment" filter for body weight workouts. There's also an option within the app to save the gear you can access, and it'll only show you training using that equipment.

Centr: Our Take
Starting at $29.99 per month


Best for those with access to gym

  • Train, Eat, and Live Sections for holistic approach
  • Self-Guided and Coached workouts
  • Extended Routines with Centr Guided Programs

How to Get the Most Out of Centr App

When you register for the Centr app, it'll ask you a few questions to help customize your workouts. Once you answer the questions, it'll create your personalized Planner.

The Planner is your home screen in the app. It updates daily with a workout, meal plan, and wellness articles. Within the settings, you can customize how often you want to exercise and the types of activities you want to do.

The Planner is a perfect tool for people looking to build consistency in their workout routine because it tells you what workouts to do on which days and when to have rest or recovery days. It's also excellent for those wanting more variety at the gym.

You get a new workout every day (or every few days depending on your settings), so you won't get bored doing the same daily exercises.

If you don't like the workout provided in your Planner, you can choose a different workout from the app. There are two categories of exercises on the Centr app: self-guided and coached.

Self-guided workouts are suitable for individuals who are comfortable exercising on their own and have a good understanding of different machines, equipment, and movements. Coached workouts are videos that lead you through a virtual workout session.

They are a good option for individuals who want motivation during their workout or may require more explanation on how to do specific exercises.

While coaching workouts provided a bit more guidance, the Centr app may not be the best tool for people new to working out. If you want the best results, it's best to understand proper exercise techniques and equipment.

Bottom Line

If you're a workout guru with a fully-equipped home gym or access to a traditional gym, the Centr app is a fantastic tool for helping you step up your fitness game. It's also a great app if you want more variety in your workouts, even with limited equipment.

However, if you're new to the gym and starting a fitness routine, the Centr app may not provide enough guidance to enjoy the benefits of the app entirely.

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